Fabio Daglio

Fabio Daglio


Can you tell us “who you are”, what do you do today, and what role within the reality where you work?

I currently hold the role of Londonart Showroom Manager in the Milan showroom.
Londonart is an international level Exclusive Wallpaper brand that produces Wallpapers with a high technical and communicative content, collaborating with the greatest contemporary designers, architects and artists.
I take care of setting up the showroom, I carry out consultancy activities for Architectural Studies on Interior Design and Exhibition projects concerning the brand, custom projects and I collaborate in the development of new collections.
I also carry out teaching activities in the technical field and in the field of interior design at the Politecnico di Milano - Department of Design.
I am a POLI.design consultant for Interior Design, mainly in Exhibition Design and Retail, dealing with various kinds of installations and projects, interfacing with industry leaders and professionals.
I held the position of Exhibition Executive Coordinator for four editions of HOMI FieraMilano for the installations of POLI.design, from 2017 to 2019.
As a POLI.design consultant I also happen to hold Masterclasses on various topics of Interior Design and to be part of the jury at Interior Design events and competitions.
From 2015 to 2017 I coordinated the IULM and SPD Master in Food Design and Innovation, under the supervision of the school director. In that work experience I was able to increase my know-how, combining my passion for food with my previous experience in the design field.
Investigating new needs, experimenting and verifying innovative solutions in the field of catering, packaging and food technologies through a "design oriented" methodological approach allowed me to acquire a certain experience that led me to be part of the board of some juries in competitions of Food Design.


In your profile, we find you have rich experience in the industry, could you share any stories about your professional experience?

What fascinates me most about each design object is the material it is made of. Matter is memory, a hidden code waiting to be deciphered. The designer uses the material to know its potential to be transferred to the object which, with reflected light, shines in the hands of those who thought it. Each project therefore carries an unpublished story inherent in the material, which is just waiting to be revealed.
It therefore often happens that, during the briefs between designers and companies that precede the preparations, one wonders what materials to use.
While obviously keeping budgets under control, we try to understand what everyone wants to express. Hence, the discussion on the project becomes a cultural, emotional exchange. An experiential journey into each other's minds and souls, which enriches all the people involved.
When I worked for “EnergyCare” it was the avant-garde solutions of Casa Clima that provided me with inspiration and best express the concept that “sustainable” did not mean ugly but on the contrary could be a new and motivating interpretation to create something beautiful.
At Studio Bellodias it was interesting to find a way for everything to be coordinated, from the project to the corporate identity, from the design finishes to the choice of watermark with which to print the menus.
In Londonart it is the power of images and what the different graphic collections manage to communicate on a communicative level that has great importance. The goal is not just to create a product but to ensure that it actively contributes to creating different types of Interior Design and new ways of experiencing the contemporary living.

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Could you introduce your teaching experiences in china to our audiences?

In October 2019 I taught in a two days Italian Design Mastercalss in Shanghai.
The audiences were mainly professionists in the Interior Design field.
The masterclass was mainly oriented on Retail Design, explaining how this part of the Interior Design is constantly in tension between off-line and on-line. I was focused on the importance of storytelling and how we, as designers, have to make the Retail experiences memorable and I underlined how we do as Italian professionists.
Shanghai is a very multiethnical metropolis and that teaching experience was extremely inspiring from both side, professional and human points of view. I had the opportunity to share different experiences with a very different culture.
I willing to do it again as soon as there’s a new opportunity.

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