Right & Interest

Right & Interest

Right & Interest for Entreprise Member

Members of international design enterprises are only for interior design enterprises or architectural design enterprises, and the application units must be entities and real operation.

Corporate members will be promoted by the association and enjoy a certain popularity in the design field in Europe and Asia Pacific region
Member certificate issued by CEIDA
You can use CEIDA's authorized membership on the company's corporate publicity and official website
The name and logo of the enterprise will be listed in the official website of CEIDA
Click the company logo (see point 4) on CEIDA to pop up the independent website of the enterprise and connect to the official website of the enterprise.
The latest news can be released on the news dynamic section of the official website of CEIDA.
Use CEIDA's media platform to release the latest progress, such as the latest works, products and cases.
Have the right to publish works, videos and articles on the official microblog, wechat and LinkedIn of CEIDA.
The enterprise members submit four (or two) international designer member applications. After the application is passed (see the requirements for international designer member application), they will enjoy the rights and interests of relevant international designers
Have the opportunity to get to know more peers and industry experts through CEIDA's social media platform and related activities
Members of the association will be invited to participate in various international activities organized by CEIDA and enjoy the exclusive preferential price for members.
There will be opportunities to participate in or cooperate in regional design projects led by CEIDA.
Once participating in the regional design projects led by CEIDA, the enterprise members of CEIDA will enjoy a certain proportion of discount in management fee
Enterprise members of the association will have the opportunity to participate in the research projects of China Europe International Design Institute or international design master class, and enjoy the exclusive preferential price for members.
All enterprise members of the association can enter CEIDA international design club and have the opportunity to hold enterprise promotion and exchange exhibition activities in the international designer club.

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