Right & Interest

Right & Interest

Right & Interest for Designer Member

Members of international design enterprises are only for interior design enterprises or architectural design enterprises, and the application units must be entities and real operation.The applicant must have a registered enterprise. For all enterprise members, the association will grant enterprises the quota of Free submission of professional designer members according to the type of application.

All members will obtain the membership certificate issued by CEIDA.
Will be eligible to use association name as suffix (this right is only for professional members)
Professional members of the association can be used on the website as well as in the email signature
The latest progress of the project can be released in the news section of the official website of CEIDA.
Use CEIDA's media platform to release the latest progress, such as the latest works, products, cases or news
Display projects and cases on the official website of CEIDA
Have the right to publish works, videos and articles on the official microblog, wechat and LinkedIn of CEIDA
Have the opportunity to get to know more peers and industry experts through CEIDA's social media platform and related activities
All members of the association can apply for the internal member price from the insurance unit cooperated by the association
When applying for a master's or doctoral degree from the European Academy of design and art, members of the association can enjoy a membership discount of EUR 400 when paying the course fees
Members of the association will be invited to participate in various international activities organized by CEIDA and enjoy exclusive member price
There will be opportunities to participate in or cooperate with the regional design projects led by CEIDA
Once they get involved in the regional design projects led by CEIDA, members of CEIDA will enjoy a certain proportion of the management fee.
Members of the association will have the opportunity to participate in the research projects of China Europe International Design Institute or international design master class, and enjoy the exclusive price of members.
All members of the association can enter CEIDA international design club and have the opportunity to hold personal promotion and exhibition activities in the international designer club.

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