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President of the French Academy of design, chairman of the jury of the French double faced God International Design Award, she has been the president of the French design institute since 1984. Through the famous JANUS Design Award and numerous activities and projects, she aims to promote the coordinated development of "enterprise, people and city". The partners involved are: industry, trade, local authorities, schools, exhibitors, institutions and the media. Anne Marie sargueil has rich working experience in many fields, whether in industry, public sector, private sector and publishing industry, she firmly believes that innovation is the core of the industry of the future.
Tarkett, a famous French color and sensory design expert and strategic consultant, is a world leader in floor design. With more than 25 years of working experience, Tarkett, the former design director and vice chairman of the world, has created a set of color theory system to provide information on color, lighting and material for many manufacturers, international brands, public institutions, hospitals and schools all over the world Design and application of strategic consulting and professional guidance courses.
Isabelle Hernio has been the director of French Furniture Association International exporters group (GEM) for 20 years. The group is a professional structure initiated by the French furniture association and funded by Codifab to provide information and education to all industry participants in the industry, aiming to accelerate the performance of enterprises in the industry in the foreign market. He is also a spokesman and ambassador for the global industry.
  • Anne Marie SARGUEIL
  • Béatrice MANGE
  • Isabelle HERNIO

Meet VIP Members

Gabriele Zorino

Gabriele Zorino

Committee Member of Villa Space Design
2023-CEIDA-designer-Pei Yan(Pei Yang)

Pei Yan

Committee Member of Interior Design

Xinrong Hu

Committee Member of Interior Design
Chen Xiaoying

Xiaoying Chen

Elite Member of Product Design
Maria Linguanti nb

Maria Linguanti

Committee Member of Home Product Design
Moom Andrea Destro

Momo Andrea Destro

Committee Member of Villa Space Design
NEW-Wan Jing

Jing wan

New Member of Exposition Space Design & Office Space Design
Our members are spread over 6 Countries in Europe and Asia Pacific region
Area Expertise
15 Different design areas with specific technique
Events per year
We organise and sponsoring more than 20 events per year
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Working with various partners to ensure best corporation
Non-profit international organization registered in France, mainly focuses on designers and design institutions in Europe and Asia Pacific region.

Education Master Class

Founded by POLITECNICO DI MILANO, for centro culturale cinese

As part of the Politecnico di Milano, is a container of knowledge and experience, and draws from the large set of multidisciplinary expertise of the first and most important Italian technical university, and is also significantly related to the Italian Design System, thanks to relationship with the Design Associations. acts by establishing partnerships with universities, corporations, institutions, and also with companies with which it shares the same goal of spreading:

  • the value of design and design culture;
  • design skills, gained over the years by, both in training context as in advising businesses,
  • organizations and institutions and in the development of ad hoc projects, designed for international contexts;
  • the wealth of knowledge in the Design System of the Politecnico di Milano.

With these partners, sets mutual benefit agreements for carrying out various projects, both in Italy and abroad, to find the resources needed to implement these projects.

Course Structure

The Course includes:




The Course is going to be held in Italian. Translation to Chinese, if necessary, shall be provided by the client.


The Live streaming is built for a maximum of 100 participants (each additional participant will be charged as indicated in the quotation).
The Study Tour in Milan is built for a maximum of 25 participants.
Centro Culturale Cinese has to communicate the following information: name, surname, date of birth, place of birth, n. of passport, email contact, background and short profile of the students at least 30 days before the beginning of the activities.

International Design Awards

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