Membership For Entreprise

Membership For Entreprise



Members of international design enterprises are only for interior design enterprises or architectural design enterprises, and the application units must be entities and real operation. The applicant must have a registered enterprise. For all enterprise members, the association will grant enterprises the quota of Free submission of professional designer members according to the type of application.


Each designer member applicant should fill in the application form carefully and meet the requirements of professional designer membership.


Membership of Large International Design Enterprises


Membership of international small and medium-sized design enterprises


Membership of International Design Institute

International Local Branch
- - for the first and second tier provincial capital cities

Right & Interest

Membership rights and interests of International Design Enterprises

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Applicant Fee

Apllicant fee for different membership.

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Applicants must meet any of the following conditions to be eligible for membership

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China Europe International Design Association ,CEIDA for short, is a non-profit international organization registered in Paris, France. It mainly focuses on designers and design institutions in Europe and Asia Pacific region.

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