Top of the sea of clouds [Everbright Anshi headquarters building]


In the design of Everbright Anshi Hongqiao enterprise headquarters, the natural green plants and stone technology are perfectly integrated to create diversified visual aesthetic effects, outline the elegant cloud international art picture, and shape the modern field full of flow and vitality. The lobby of the headquarters starts from marble and metal, and the lines of the introduction of the headquarters follow the strict large space structure of the large space, build an open lobby, and the line combination space of the new modeling style injects full international modernization.

The form of nature, which is born in the greatest beauty The sales exhibition hall uses water corrugated metal and ocean blue through the whole space, as if the vast and infinite ocean. The silver-gray mirror water corrugated stainless steel ceiling reveals a sci-fi luster and pioneering future texture. The transparent blue art glass freehand brushwork is an endless exploration of NIO. In addition, the irregular light and shadow, the transparent glass material reflects the reality, describing the aesthetic scene should be balanced with art. At the top of the sand table space, different forms of wave modeling art lights are used, which is more elegant and noble blue under the tone of simple science and technology.


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