Sichuan Bazhong Comprehensive Energy Port


It is located in Ceqi Mountain Village, Shixin Street, Bazhong Economic Development Zone.


The planned total land area of the LNG/L-CNG joint refueling station is 10917.9 square meters.


Install 4 load-bearing SF double-layer composite buried storage tanks at the gas station, 92 (lx25m) ³) 、95 'gasoline storage tank (lx25m ³) 、 98 gasoline storage tank (lx25m ³) And O # diesel storage tank (lx30m ³), The total volume is 105m ³, After halving the diesel fuel, the calculated volume is 90m ³。

Belonging to a third level gas station;

1 LNG low-temperature storage tank with a water volume of 60m ³, Horizontal), 1 submersible pump sled (dual pump), 1 plunger pump sled (single pump), 1 high-pressure gasification sled, and 1 gas storage cylinder group (6m ³) 、1 set of instrument air system and 1 set of unloading device, belonging to the third level refueling station.


The design concept of this project is based on the combination of the energy industry and modern technology, providing new thinking and exploration for future oil station scenarios. Compared to the past, future oil station space will create more possibilities.

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