100 Faces of Tai Kwun


Tai Kwun’s inaugural exhibition, “100 Faces of Tai Kwun”, immerses visitors into 100 stories, collected from 100 "kaifongs" (local neighbours) and friends in the past two years, in order to explore the history of the Central Police Station compound as well as the myriad intricate relationships cultivated here in the neighbourhood.

Those whose lives intertwined with Tai Kwun come from all walks of life; some are ex-officers and ex-offenders, while others are shop owners and "kaifongs" in the neighbourhood. The rest might have passed by or visited the compound, including photographers, journalists, architects, etc. Together, their stories reveal different facets of Tai Kwun, which represent the heart and soul of this place.

The exhibition venue, Duplex Studio of Block 01, has been transformed into a mini-Central within which visitors will traverse various "tong laus" to meet our "kaifongs". Your journey goes beyond the exhibition — venture out to our dear neighbourhood to create your own story here.

Tai Kwun, as known as the Hong Kong Central Police Station, was a historical icon of the government to implement enforcement, judgment and execution. Being one of the latest local landmarks, Tai Kwun has transformed into a destination of culture, art and performance.

Incorporating stories from 100 kaifongs and friends, “100 Faces of Tai Kwun” , Tai Kwun’s inaugural exhibition explores the history of the Central Police Station cluster through an investigation on the intricate relationships among the neighbourhood. Interviewees include ex-officers, ex-offenders, shop owners, kaifongs, journalists, film directors, etc .... whose lives had been intertwining with Tai Kwun. Their stories and facets unveil and signify the heart and soul of Tai Kwun.

The wireframed skeleton structure is to present a vague impression of central. It is unusual yet familiar, vacuum yet abundant of stories. Walking through the colonnade, verandah and signboards, visitors can grab a glimpse of the long vanished central with a picturesque streetscape. The stories displayed in multiple media, including illustration, interactions, portraits and movies, showcased a hundred ways to retrospect and celebrate the prosperous central and Tai Kwun.

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