According to the characteristics of internal and external space environment, abstract a kind of characteristics, convey a kind of life aesthetic and embody the connotation of humanistic spirit.


Create an atmosphere and breath that people can feel, reduce a lot in a small space, and enrich it in a large space, so as to make its Shu Lang smooth and retractable.


Free, bring people the enjoyment of beauty.


This case is a 480-square-meter apartment with indoor swimming pool. The height of the swimming pool is 6 meters, which is symmetrical from left to right, with convection from north to south.According to customer's requirements, the space will be used reasonably.


Problems of the original apartment type:

1.The living room area is small.

2The living room balcony is slightly larger and cannot be used.

3The kitchen area is small and the dining room space is irregular.

  1. The utilization rate of balcony and bay window in the room is low





  1. Increase kitchen space and add western kitchen function.
  2. The dining room area is enlarged and the space is square.
  3. The living room space is combined with the balcony area, and a water bar and a tea drinking area are added. A small balcony can be used for planting plants, and you can go out to touch the natural space and breathe fresh air.
  4. The balcony of the room is brought into the room, which can be used as a platform for taking a nap in the room, which is convenient for sanitation and cleaning.
  5. The swimming pool space is transformed into upper and lower floors, and the upstairs is the leisure space.
  6. Add a family study room downstairs, so that the family can have one more space besides the living room to read and talk or watch a movie together.


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