1946 Cultural and Creative Park


1946 Cultural and Creative Park is located in Luozhuang District, Linyi City, Shandong Province, China, covering an area of 12,500 ㎡. To the east is a wetland park, to the west is a residential area, to the south is a historic complex, and to the north is the second phase development land.

There are dozens of houses built in 1946 in the park. These old buildings were built to match the original urban development. The preservation of these houses is a good historical witness to the local urban development. In order to better preserve this architectural complex, the local government has established a project to build a cultural industry park based on historical development and with cultural creativity as the theme. 1946 Hence the name of the Cultural and Creative Park.

Before the design of the project, I fully analyzed the current situation of the park and the history of Luozhuang District, so as to not only protect the existing buildings, but also integrate them with the surrounding environment, fully explore the local history and extract cultural elements, with the aim of creating an immersive interactive park with independent IP attributes.

Luozhuang District is the local industrial center, ceramics, building materials industries developed. 1946 The old building is for several generations of old industrial people to provide office and living places. In the design, starting from the historical elements, refining industrial elements, such as steel structure, firebrick and other materials selection and application, to create a coat wrapped in the old building, the old building skillfully combined together, so that the old building alive and into the available space.

In terms of spatial layout, the east area is designed as a pocket park, which echoes the wetland park; In the west, the bamboo forest path is designed to isolate the relatively quiet residential area; At the same time, the artificial lake is designed in the middle, so that there is a flexible breathing area between the park and the homestay area. In the middle of the park, the theme building is designed to completely wrap the oldest building inside, so that the old building is placed inside and fully respect the form. In the southwest corner of the park, two rows of old buildings are combined to create an art center in the park. It can undertake exhibitions of different themes to achieve the role of cultural and creative incubator. The east and west sides of the park, each design two sightseeing buildings, you can enjoy the park from different directions. The corridor bridge connecting each building is the transportation link of the park, and it also increases the space of the air corridor, allowing visitors to overlook the old building from a high place and achieve all-round viewing and integration.

In terms of building structure, steel structure and frame structure are adopted.

In the use of color, the orange red, representing industry and vitality, is chosen, which is like a link, connecting the 1946 old buildings; It is more like a spirit that carries on the enthusiasm of the industrial era to the present visitors.

1946 The design plan of the Cultural and creative park has been fully adopted by the owner and is under full construction, which is expected to be fully completed in May 2024.

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