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"Xuhui Platinum Yue House, lying on the Qinhuai, bearing the vein of Wuyi, embrace the green mountains into the house.”

This project is located at No.8 Tianxi Road, Jiangning District, which belongs to the Upper Qinhuai plate. Combined with the surrounding traffic and the ecological environment of the wetland park, it is favored by everyone. The owner is a husband and wife, the female owner is a full-time wife, male owner institutions, have a lovely daughter to primary school, they hope the home is simple, warm, comfortable, and relaxed, and hope through our design, to bring them a bright visual enjoyment. This stylist undertook the floor division according to functional partition: the first-floor daily meeting guests, and the second-floor rest sleep.


The first floor casts the original space in place to maintain the space of the original guest restaurant. The whole living room is given priority to simple wood color and light color tone, and the background wall combined with the simple wood veneer and clean and tough marble, creating a simple and comfortable living room space. Rice gray leather sofa, full of the artistic atmosphere of the magazine, more warm colors to join, foil the warmth and comfort of the family room. Considering that the first-floor storage space is less, the lower entrance of the stairwell is designed into a storage room, increasing the storage in the space. Wood color, gray, rice white, swim in the whole space, simple in the inclusive universe. Metal, glass, stone, wood color, combined with a large area of Windows, tough and neutral modern texture, and do not break the delicate and elegant temperament.

dining room

The original guest room area is abandoned, the public space is completely opened, and the restaurant area can be released, making the whole guest restaurant more transparent and open. The ark of a group of meal edge that rely on the wall puts, increased received a function already, used a space reasonably again. The marble table of light color and the brunette dining chair match, different colors and materials meet, weaving the style of delicate simple sense. The guest restaurant space of the horizontal hall layout is closely related to the outdoor light and scenery, maximizing the indoor natural lighting. The integrated design of the dining room and living room weakens the boundary of functional areas, enhances the sense of interior space, and enhances the sense of scale of space. The continuity of the space is emphasized. The same space forms a larger visual depth, with richer layers and fluidity.


The original kitchen area, is narrow and the space is used unreasonably, The stylist transforms this into open open-mode kitchen and sets the ark on the left-hand side of the door, the space that is divided already solved the problem that entering the door changes a shoe again. The connection between the kitchen and the living room has a group of island platforms, and the design of the island platform makes it a flexible social space.

Guest wei

Using the combination of wood veneer and invisible door, weakened the presence of the toilet, made the whole metope more complete and beautiful, increased the overall feeling of the space, dark brown wood wall and the background of the sitting room, the wind and sunlight into the indoor, with the line of natural growth, carefree scenery in light and shadow transformation, like if no rhythm of infinite daydream.


The design of the study continued the color of the sitting room and simple sense. The bookcase of whole row and custom tatami and desk, through humanized thinking, create a functional complete living space, give into account the function of the guest room and study, let every corner of the home become scenery, taste the beauty of fine life

master bedroom

The master bedroom is a suite design, satisfying the dream that the female owner wants to have a walk-in type cloakroom, spacious bedroom, cloakroom, the glass that if hidden moves the door partition, making the space concise, and transparent. Remove multifarious adornment, use the hard bag of gray foil brunet furniture, the background of red leisure chair and gray hard bag, make public and striking red and low-key inside collect ash, build a quiet, comfortable, and the home atmosphere with simple sense again.

Children's room

The children's room chose the metope of light pink, light gray, and cartoon curtains in color, lovely and lively, bright daylighting gives the children's room a transparent simple sense, making the space more bright.

The main guard

The main guard met the demand that the owner wanted bath crock, made "4 separate" type toilets, gray wall floor tile collocation on white independent bath crock, made the space concise and fashionable.

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