A four-person family


This is the owner of Jiangshan Fenghua Wangmei Huating Community in Linping District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province,There are four people in family,including a husband and wife and two sons! Three bedrooms, one kitchen, one living room and two bathrooms, with an area of 93.6 square meters.

Dining room

Due to the limited location of the dining room, the dining room and corner cabinet are used, and the white door panel is used outside the log color. The living room also adds a new Chinese-style wall lamp with white and gray striped metal materials and embroidery, the representative of intangible culture. The combination of Chinese and Western is beautiful and elegant.

Master bedroom

according to the requirements of the guests, brighten the white to increase the sense of space and make the whole room more open, making people more comfortable to rest and sleep at night. Available in wood and white. The background wall is hung with paintings of green plants, so that people can relieve their tired eyes when they come home from get off work.Bay window adds light strip cabinet with touch switch.

Children's room

The three colors of blue, white and yellow are used, and the tatami storage function is added, which makes the children more lively and cheerful, and at the same time increases the functionality. Rest and storage are both Correct.

Juvenile room

The wood color and white are classic and not outdated, making the whole room more shy and stable! The corner of the wardrobe takes advantage of the space extension, so that the originally insufficient function can be used as a desk and bookcase, so that the teenager has a learning area, and it is well separated from the entertainment area and the rest area without interfering with each other.

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