Agora Bar


Project name: Agora Bar

- Visual display soft installation period: 5 days

- Soft Design: Soft Logic Studio

- Visual merchandiser: Ruler

- Project address: Macau Imperial Dynasty

Design inspiration: Spend money like dirt, waste money. Hiding in the American retro, beautiful dark corner, the music sounded, and suddenly the ambiguous atmosphere enveloped the whole bar, the Agora bar after the transformation of soft logic, the scene of the night is so mysterious that people's eyes blurred, the kind of thin, shallow, slowly, the feeling of falling, how much love is the beginning of this story? I will give you happiness...

Agora Taproom, located in the Imperial district of Macau, hopes to increase customers and social media exposure through a soft makeover.

After market analysis and precise positioning, Soft Logic Studio spent a total of 3 days transforming the 3,000-foot bar. Through a large number of graphic designs, decoration renovations, and display matching, the bar fresh and fresh.

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