Aiwu Huang


"Every case is customized.No one who keeps loving beauty will grow old. "- Kafka

We always say that architecture is like an open book. You can see the top ambition of a city. In terms of space, it is more like an eloquent prose poem. You can see that it is the ultimate pursuit of life.

The sense of ritual is to shine every ordinary little thing and create a sense of ritual of returning home,Tell you: live here.

Slowly move your sight into the living room, and there is no partition in the whole space,The pattern of large open surface paves a beautiful background for the design and becomes the most powerful background.

The collision between metal and marble, the unique beauty set off by cotton, hemp and leather, looks warm and comfortable in the sunshine, and the green plants and hanging paintings match the modern Italian home in the space, showing a unique artistic spirit.

The living room and dining room are in a horizontal coherence, which well reflects the fluidity of space design.
Art is an aesthetic creation, which transforms reality into emptiness, combines emptiness with reality, and transforms emotion into the expression of subjective will.
In this fast-paced and prosperous urban life, here is the final ownership of body and mind. It's not pleasant to relax here until the sun shines into the room the next morning.

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