Amy Restaurant


Design Concept Creative statement Fuzhou is a famous historical and cultural city in China, with many characteristic brands of Fujian culture, such as TanShishan culture, Chinese ship administration culture, three lanes and seven lanes culture. Amy restaurant is located in the ancient city center of Fuzhou, Three lanes and seven lanes, with a history of more than 2,200 years. It is located in this famous historical and cultural block. With its unique shape and cultural integration, Amy inherits the enterprise spirit of the brand. The design of the restaurant takes "water" as the element, the wavy wall highlights the clever posture, and combines the gathering of "money". Even the IP doll fish bubble is displayed on the curved wall, creating a natural healing feeling and human fireworks. 02 / Space Presentation Space display Compared with other traditional restaurants, the biggest characteristic of Wangzhuang Amy three fang and Seven lane stores is that they create different dining environment and beautiful social experience in different time periods, create spatial memory points and establish emotional value. The entrance takes the circular bar as the "axis" and "water" as the element. The wavy wall highlights the clever posture. On the curved wall, the IP doll fish bubble of the palace. The design of the hall draws the outline of the meaning of water and the arc of the space, creating a smooth aesthetic feeling of the space. Under the interweaving of body and color, the space gives flexibility. Before 22 o'clock, the lights are bright, and the colorful food is strong. Goldfish colorful, beautiful posture, graceful posture, known as the "golden scale fairy". Designers use modern techniques and techniques, let the goldfish inadvertently in Wangzhuang Amy everywhere "ink", vivid form, the presence of heavy color, let diners immersed in the beautiful meaning of goldfish. A touch of red decoration, added vitality and vitality to the space. Since ancient times, tea tasting has been a cultural event. Fujian is known as one of the cradles of "Tea Town in China", and it is also the producing area of Wuyi rock tea, one of the five major names in China. Wuyi Mountain is also the origin of the world tea culture heritage. The tea culture here has a long history and is full of the charm of traditional culture. People in Fuzhou have been keeping the habit of drinking tea and tea. In the leisure time together, it is a great blessing to find a quiet place in the noisy. After 22 o'clock, with the change of lights and music, the space becomes cool, accompanied by the dynamic melody, enjoy the moment brought by food and wine. Designer skillfully used the change of light to create the second attribute for the space, as if place oneself has not moved to another space, can not present a kind of wine to ask the sky, do not know the artistic conception of the palace in the sky. Three or five friends gather here, and naturally release all the fatigue, and find a balance between life and work in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.

[Project Name]: Amy, Wangzhuang Village, Fuzhou

[Project location]: Fuzhou, China

[Project area]: 2,800 ㎡

[Design agency]: Beijing Vina Design Co., Ltd

[Main case design]: Ji Weina

[Opening time]: 2023.03

[Project Writing]: Lu Yanan

[Main materials]: stainless steel, wood grain fire board, art glass, terrazzo brick, electronic screen, metal mesh

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