Anhuayun Building


design notes: Early in the morning, when the sun just came out of the top of the mountain, the morning mist has not dispersed, a ray of warm yellow sunshine through the misty fog, through the window and the door sprinkled in, my shadow was pulled very long, very long, I will block in front of the sun sprinkled in the posture, and then constantly laugh at their own shadow on the wall. Grandma was cooking, the sun was printed on her face, kind, amiable, kind, smile, warm heart... full of the smell of the steamer, the bells of cattle and sheep, the sound of dogs, rooster chirping, the back of brothers and sisters to school.... that is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen.

The design case is in Guizhou province, a stilted building will be demolished. The local people said it is not suitable to live in, so they want to demolish it, and then build a two-story concrete house. We think there are few such houses now, so we can combine new design techniques to keep it. So it was placed in a terrace, the future to ensure that terraces can continue to use, design techniques on the elevation processing, nature, not big damage to the ground, indoors, put aside the flashy algae, only retain the most basic function, on the choice of materials, are from the local, when the rural building has been replaced by concrete, hope that through our design can retain some rare traditional architecture.

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