Architectural design of Youbang Tianrun International Culture and Art Center


The project is located in Songzhuang Art District, Tongzhou. It is a comprehensive landmark building with striking power and a contemporary art center with world influence. It is a platform for artists to show, trade, communicate and work. The project is positioned as a comprehensive landmark integrating world-class art museums, high-end boutique art hotels and internationally renowned art stores.

"Architecture is a medium of communication between a person and the city", Songzhuang. Youbang Tianrun International Culture and Art Center not only has the function of one-way art exhibition hall, but also has multi-dimensional public places and artists' creation studios. It has the function of an exhibition space and a trading platform for international communication.

At the same time, this place is not only a window to attract more non-artists to perceive Songzhuang, but also an element for people to establish an impression of the city. So in my eyes, he is not a must fuse gently and urban construction, as a nearly 100 meters height limit DaTiLiang buildings, static standing on volume on the vision is a giant rotating dynamic dimension, since the emergence of the architectural scheme model, the construction of grand, light, rotate, moved all dynamic characteristics. At the same time, it is a building with attitude. I hope it presents feelings and its own power. Art industrialization is the ideal of investors, but also a secret operation of many contemporary artists. The local economy has also been prosperous here, which is a wonderful balance and beautiful. Art industrialization itself is also a contradictory self, but it is difficult to choose. Artists, investors, local find "beauty" close at hand.

Driven by The Times, this contradiction produced a kind of passionate tension, which once tended to be magic, and this magic was fully reflected in the small studios built by many painters in Songzhuang, China. How to use a building's own power to attract the public and have an impact is an important issue to be expressed by this building.

He carries art, but has nothing to do with art. He points to the future, and is also about facing the inner spirit.

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