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People say that Zhuhai is a romantic city, burst out the artistic sense of life, with the vast sea as deep, accommodate thousands, another corner of the world. In the modern "fast pace, slow life" today, still convey to people is simple, comfortable, pure, independent and personality. Like the "fishing girl" standing on the bank of Xianglu Bay, beautiful and brave, like the freedom named Kun in "Xiaoyao Tour ", which is also the main line of the project of Zhuhai Bay sales Center. On the basis of distant marine culture, it combines deep urban heritage, natural art and modern humanities, sunrise and sunset, light and shadow changes. The colors and pictures formed at every moment are design inspiration. Finally, they are presented by vision, showing the essence of technology, attracting people to stop, watch, think, and deduce the modern aesthetic space with Zhuhai characteristics and oriental characteristics.

The ocean Shadow is a philosophical existence between reality and illusion. When the light and shadow fluctuate in the background wall of the staggered folding front hall, like the tide, the morning surges up, the twilight quietly goes back, intertwined with the ink marble table, in the change of time, Every moment is a new vision

As a result, light and shadow spread to the sand table area, winding white curve, like wind like clouds, like waves blowing shore. In the empty and clear pattern, the natural intelligence is full, from looking up to feeling the harmony of modern people, to trigger the inner pursuit of life, artistic aesthetics and modern intelligent imagination.

The design follows the balance of power, stand and put, point and face, hard and soft, each inch through light and shadow, reef sculpture unique, derived from different philosophical speculation, between walking shuttle, always maintain desire and curiosity, to explore more possibilities of the sea.

"North Ming has fish, its name is Kun, Kun do not know thousands of miles "—— the possibility of free travel exists in ancient times, but also in the present. The sculpture of the whale entering the sea turns the space into the sea, the gravel falls into the sea, in this place, the mood can not jump without it, deep feeling grand and happy, and then in the subjective fantasy, realize "free travel" absolutely free, forget things my outlook on life.

Step by step, scene by scene, tea fragrance slowly brushed, mood gradually returned to calm, the water bar area of the tea aesthetics of the long cultural design both heritage, but also a good implication, cup dish square inch full of surprise, or mellow sweet, or endless aftertaste, with some natural texture, material, elements, more rich, life free.

On the other hand, the ocean, as the source of creation, presents in various forms; the beach orange, under the reflection of natural light, writes poetry, body and mind immersed in such a quiet and peaceful, full of sunshine, romance.

On the other side of the negotiation area, light and shadow continue to this point, bringing enough natural atmosphere for the interior. On the beach orange point black, red color, shape with bay shape, with stone wood contrast, art lighting, traditional craft seat, create sensory image; meaning to embrace the distant landscape, through hazy light and shadow, artifacts, green scene image of the island, deepen the atmosphere of the sea, modern elegance show among them.

Chinese "Ritual" culture. The strong visual contrast and mirror image of sea blue are deep, which disintegrates the boundary between nature and space, modern and classical, and gives the place extraordinary artistic feeling.

With oriental poetry, connecting all things with the concept of book bar into the humanistic thought, using log material, natural color paving, square, book case, book Jing porcelain simple, branches and leaves pottery pot elegant, thoughts as if to create in the towering jungle gap, a glance at the classic heritage and modern innovation.

Material brings people touch, perception, to move the mood changes. The simple nature of wood and cotton and hemp, brewing an unrestrained temperament, and the city across the glass, cut off and stand, in all simplicity, get along at ease, happy chat

For the quality, style reflected in the whole, in the fine place, the natural precipitation is the heavy feeling of the years, the craft is polished is the spirit of craftsmanship, the embellishment of lines, texture and color is the expression of modern art, both body and mind can feel from inside to outside, build space and human trust.

When you talk to the Taoist, or listen to the poet sing occasionally leisure, then forget the vulgar heart

Taste a tea, appreciate an inch of light, understand life, cut off the corner, just like a more quiet and calm, both natural life magnificent, the breeze blowing leaves, warm tea ripples, everything resonates, the true freehand brushwork nature and the aesthetics of life blend.

Four feet tripod, cloud, ink landscape, wave lighting, the design of tolerance and art for the space to create a "far mountain forest" mood, the sun and haze intertwined in central China, blue, green dyed in wood, ink color, at the moment, the city is no longer noisy, only to leave a clear and bright sense of broadness.

This Kuoda continued to the bar, white, empty, but always full of warmth.

VIP the design theme, the elements of luxury, high-level elements for pure and comfortable charm space to add a bit elegant, and corresponding to different customers, with different functions, so that "people" as the protagonist here, can relax the body and mind, feel the space image, And the brand purpose is also reflected in one or two.

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