Beijing Longhu Tianjie Bona Cinema


We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars,
Now we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt.
The scenes of countless movies are the stories about the unknown civilization hovering at the edge of the universe. In the movies, people are full of reverie about the outer space civilization, and only in the movies, there is space to construct these fantasies
This program is still exploring the dramatic experience of viewers visiting the space, and we are looking forward to a new sense of live presence The project is located in the B hall of Longhu Sky Street, Beiyuan, Beijing. The construction conditions of the project are not ideal. The 6 cinemas of the cinema are located in different areas, and the lobby is at the end of the commercial street. The overall shape is irregular, adjacent to the empty area, and is also disturbed by the light of the lighting patio After solving the sense of folding brought by the moving line and the rugged layout of the lobby, the designer took the image design of the cinema as the most important starting point. Through the investigation of each area of the site, the design theme of interstellar civilization was finally determined, and the design scheme of the ring shape organization space was conceived Metal ring shape through lifting and wall installation is an important way to effectively organize the lobby space, while adding a strong sense of presence in the commercial atrium。
Instead of extending the design according to the traditional science fiction theme, but on the basis of classical science fiction, the cinemas use modern techniques and combine the punk style of heavy metals to interpret the science fiction theme differently, and the scale design also takes into account the proportion of space and human scale。
The theater has six theaters, including a laser IMAX theater。
Since the project was approved at the beginning of the year, the design work has been carried out. It only took more than half a year until the opening of the project, both the owner and the general contractor gave great help. Despite the reduced cost and the reduced design scheme, we still adhere to the original design vision.

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