Blue Dream


The project planning in the early stage is sufficient, and a lot of time is spent on the early strategic simulation
Demolished besides the space outside the bedroom, let the overall space and interactive more active
The flexibility of the living room creates a new life mode, which can be held together in different family situations
Home is relaxing and pleasant
Children and adults can gain power with the blessing of the home
The kitchen is a "battlefield", I have considered the possib
Arm the "combat tools" to the "teeth."
The kitchen is separated by a multi-purpose space, male owners can work, games, children can dance, friends can live for a short time, a multi-attribute space, for our life with more possibilities, not a single to name a space, will not waste space
Toilet all used micro cement as metope material, clean, light luster, seamless, can make the veneer space give a person new feeling, clean space has always been the most important in my idea, any house, clean space mind is the most, I personally have special obsession for this space, clean space can highlight the designer's personal ability
Children's room planning is bit by bit with the idea and the requirements of adults, any residents have the power to speak, often we ignore, to do a don't belong to children's space, although may happen short pleasure or but unfortunately, the owner and I bold to try this form
The idea of the master bedroom is actually deviated from my basic concept, the hotel layout, I have discouraged. The owner's insistence got the result she wants, to think more about the structure of the details, but in the appearance of the style is relatively relaxed, the final effect is indisputable, clean, transparent.
The landing of the project is the beginning of the design. The owners will gradually find that the design has really changed their life, and slowly explore and experience.

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