Century classic


To simplification, relaxation, in the high space to seek new changes. The whole space is connected by the arc, the wood color is deep, the space is flexibly lit with the subtle changes of the natural tone between the light and shadow, and the control of the space is integrated into the details with a delicate technique.

This case is a family of three, located in the star sea of a half live half commercial nature of the loft house of the old house renovation. Male host pursues everything perfect, pursue the way of doing things with acme, with the hostess that pursues detail and perfect perfect reflected in this case. The room faces the sea, with excellent scenery, bright space and excellent view. Designers from the space layout, life needs, style preferences with the owners to recomb, to create today's

The pursuit of spatial linkage, into a vivid force. Thus creating a flowing, through, separated from the overall space effect. Different functional areas are both obviously divided and permeate into each other. The arc shape of several areas is extended in their respective space, and the continuous levels make the spatial vision more deep.

Because the actual visitor demand of the owner is greater than the demand of daily residential buildings, so the living room abandons the layout of the conventional living room sofa TV, the function of the whole is given priority to with receiving guests, the wood color tea table divides the living room into two, the curved TV background wall connects the balcony and the living room, echoing the curved modelling of the ceiling. The suspended hanging ark of porch keeps out the door, the space attribute that separated porch and sitting room on the vision. The functional structure is superimposed layer by layer, between the virtual, thickness, square and arc not only expresses the internal order of construction, but also contribute to the gradual deepening of design and the understanding of observers. With exquisite and light vocabulary will control the space into the details, the embellishment of the space structure and texture, break the monotony of the space, quiet space more a few minutes of tension. Wood color is moist, and the subtle change of natural tone between light and shadow will light up the flexibility of the space.

Tea table opposite is the open case that combines with modelling wall, the cabinet case of the top pays attention to the emphasis on form and function, build bright net with simple and elegant.

The overall space pursues continuous movement, turning it into a vivid force, thus creating a flowing, penetrating, and inseparable overall space effect. Different functional areas permeate each other, and the arc shape of several areas extends in their respective space, and the continuous levels make the spatial vision more deep.

Dining-room and kitchen on the emphasis on form and function, give priority to with bright net gentle nature, log texture into composed, cool charm, texture unique stone temperature with natural and cream moist feeling, natural and modern collision sparks, mutual set off under the elegant aesthetic feeling of burst, bring beauty and the overall comfort.

The office whole shape is given priority to with geometric modeling, the overall style atmosphere is composed, in line with the image of the male host, arc ceiling modelling not only echoes with the living room, but also soften the cold and hard lines of the office, collision gives a variety of form and geometric sense, meet the vision of the ideal life and ceremony atmosphere feeling full.

Toilet is the bottom with cream color brick, the brunet wood surface shop of large area is installed on, because it is the toilet inside the office, so toilet maintains the composed style like the office, whole mirror melts metope and background as an organic whole, the line of lamplight makes toilet becomes lively and bright.

Residential design begins with understanding the living needs and living conditions of the owners, and helping the owners to sort out the primary and secondary positions from the needs. Build the light and shadow scene, shape the light relationship, integrate the space and functions, design the mood of life with details, filter the color, shape and texture, start from the functionality, sense the temperature, unload a heavy, and return to the ideal life.


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