Chan Yi Xian Hai Courtyard Resort


The case is located in Mianyang, China, Li Bai's hometown.

With Li Bai's way of life and family feelings as the cultural context,

Hours do not know the month, call to do white jade Zen

And suspected yao stage mirror, flying in the green cloud

A pot of wine between the flowers, drink alone

Raise a glass to invite the bright moon, to the shadow into three people

Life must be happy, don't make the golden bottle empty to the moon

Life I will be useful, gold scattered to return

Li Bai book youth-middle age-old age three stages of life writing poetry to express the perception of different realms of life, and the true meaning of Zen, understanding of Zen, the pursuit of self-understanding, are self-cognition, understanding, the goal to achieve the ultimate spiritual liberation,

This case takes Zen culture as the core theme of the space, with the healthy life concept of health preservation and health care as the core, through Zen, enlightenment Zen and other health experience, to create a natural Zen —— lifestyle of Zen —— healthy Zen

In Zong's view, everything is six objects (eyes, nose, ears, tongue, body, meaning),

And these things are infinite, and then form different "phases", these "phases" together constitute this vast world, natural things.

"No image, no phase" is a new interpretation of the space, uphold the concept of "understanding to read as empty", a simple history, natural things and Li Bai culture infiltration in the space, make everything in the eye more and more attractive. Put time into space, space becomes the container of time, the object of space becomes the entity of feeling.

For nothing, no one, a everything is empty clean, "nothing" state.

Nothing: no phase-tasteless-no boring-no empty-no thought, is also the ideological realm that every space wants to express.

interior design: Steven、Xiaofang Zhang、Jianyu Lan

landscape design:Yong Zhou、Qian Ao

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