Chang'an automobile ZBQ Jiangbeizui office building decoration project


The Description of the Architectural Space Design of Jiangbeizui Headquarters Building Project of Chongqing Chang'an Group

The project is located at the 28-37 floors of the T2 building in the No. 2 plot of Jiangbeizui, the new CBD in Chongqing. The total area is 23000 square meters.

Chang'an people take the most advanced technology to make the safest, most environmentally friendly and energy-saving cars for the world as their corporate mission, and always inspire them to realize the beautiful vision of "making the world full of Chang'an". In the interior decoration design of Chang'an Auto Office Building, we will create a humanized, scientific, intelligent, eco-friendly and  high-quality office space for Chang'an people as our design mission.

Science and technology, modernity, stability and practicability are the external manifestations of Chang'an Group, and inclusiveness, practicality, development, pro-environment and the future are its intrinsic essence. So we give full play to humanization, intelligence and ecology in our design and apply these concepts to the design to make it a sustainable space for growth.


  1. Humanization: We concentrate onthe affinity of space in the design, in the process of which we also highlight "the communication between people and space". Through the configuration of the space, material installment and other design, we will bring out the space concept of coexistence, symbiosis and mutual assistance, and form an international and high-grade space form.


2.Intellectualizaiton: In the design of space, we focus on the design of information platform, guidance system and automatic design to make the space more humanized, modern and international. In terms of science and technology intelligence,  we advocate the application of "four new" — new technologies, new products, new equipment and new techniques, so as to achieve security, convenience. As a result, the intelligent management of the whole complex building will be realized and  the general form of the new automobile scientific research will be fully displayed.

3.Ecologicalizatioin: Ecological office is a trend of future development. We have incorporated the concept of green environmental protection into the interior design. For example, we try not to block the natural lighting and ventilation as much as possible. And we try our best to reduce the consumption of materials and energies and the emission of harmful substances.Besides, we do our best to make it easy for the packaged to be sorted, recycled and reused. We also use intelligent lighting systems, air conditioning systems and environmental insulation materials to make the indoor environment more closely connected with the natural environment, thus creating a new office model.


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