Chen Jinhui's project


"The day workers generation, open things into business", follow the principle of all things, and study the infinite state of skills, to achieve victory in the natural situation.

The case is located on the west coast of the city's sub-center of Haikou, and the owner is a deep cultivator in the engineering industry. The heart of the craftsman, for the fine manufacturing process, the appropriate grasp of the details, there are two rules engraved in the heart. In the early stage of project construction and the implementation of hard installation, the owner is personally involved in the promotion of each process.

The craftsman spirit of excellence and the concept of "good house design" of Forbidden Huepin adhere to originality and detail accidentally meet, and the urban ideal house drawn with the profound charm of Oriental aesthetics is born under the vision of all good craftsmen.

People-oriented, respect life. Thinking about every inch of the space of the artisan movement, to achieve the quality of life and spiritual luxury in the art space blend with the same frequency of free rhythm, opening a new era of human settlements. The myriad charm of Oriental aesthetics, the most touching is often the natural hidden between the sense of thousands of years of cultural cycles.

In the design of this case, in addition to putting multiple considerations into the presentation of space aesthetics, Forbidden Goods in the deep level of insight into the residents in the field of life, the needs of home rituals and spiritual culture, delivered to the owner is not only to meet the visual enjoyment of the house but also the spiritual wealth in the essence of a better life.

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