Cheng Tou Yue He Li


Project Name: Cheng Tou Yue He Li


Project Location: Wuqing, Tianjin, China


Project Owner: Yongxin Group Executive


Design Team: Lead Designer: Tian Zhanting, Lighting Designer: Zhang Lei, Soft Furnishing Designer: Yan Rong, Product Designer: Wang Yanfei, Construction Drawing Specialist: Wang Xiaoxuan, Rendering Specialist: An Yida, Project Manager: Niu Zongzhen


When designing this project, our goal was to create a living space that integrates three generations, addressing the aesthetic needs and lifestyle integration of people from different eras. We adopted a modern minimalist style, focusing on human-centric design, and pursuing commonality while accommodating differences.


In terms of spatial layout, we incorporated Suzhou garden design techniques as the entryway design, creating a small foyer space that allows people to pause and experience the transition between indoors and outdoors. At the interior corners, we designed a multifunctional living room with an area of 50 square meters. Through an open layout and ample natural light, the entire space feels open and bright. To balance privacy and shared space needs, we divided the living room from other areas, creating a space that offers intimacy while satisfying social needs.


Regarding color and material selection, we primarily used darker tones to create a natural and cozy atmosphere. For the color scheme of the hard furnishings, considering the overall preferences of the male homeowner and children, we chose neutral colors such as deep wood and gray to create a mature yet modern ambiance. In terms of design details, we incorporated smoked oak large-format textured stone to highlight a sense of nature and era, adding a unique texture to the space. Additionally, the dining area features a wooden ceiling, emphasizing the concept of returning to nature and creating a warm and pleasant dining environment.


The kitchen and dining area received special consideration in the design. We equipped the space with both a traditional Chinese kitchen and an open-plan Western kitchen, allowing the homeowners and family members to meet their cooking needs in different scenarios. The Chinese kitchen is equipped with a traditional round dining table, providing a space for sharing meals.


In terms of staircase design, we adopted a floating staircase design that subtly showcases the visual effect of the space. We focused on maintaining an open staircase design to avoid crowding the space and seamlessly connect it with the functions on the second floor. This design not only enhances the aesthetics of the space but also increases the comfort and flow of the staircase area.


Overall, the design of this project aims to provide a harmonious living space for three generations. Through careful spatial layout, appropriate color and material selection, and special considerations for the kitchen, dining area, and staircase design, we strive to create a comfortable, modern, and nature-integrated living environment, allowing residents to enjoy the wonderful experience of spending time with their families.

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