China Railway Changchun Expo City


The national strategy, Changchun temperament; Beyond Tokyo, beyond Seoul. Northeast Asia International Expo Center is a cultural product that integrates the spirit of China Railway and the temperament of Changchun. The green ecological science and technology community is regarded as the largest, most bearing, most functional, and the latest conference development highland in Northeast Asia. The functions of the conference, exhibition, ecology, sports, and event platform space are organically integrated to achieve the comprehensive utilization of the exhibition's comprehensive service platform.

Northern Spring City, is unique; A new history, and a permanent location. Changchun, also known as the "Northern Spring City", is one of the four major garden cities in China, and green is the most distinctive background color of the city. As a typical old industrial city in Northeast China, it still has unlimited possibilities for sustainable development, a steady stream of wisdom and vitality, and shows the infinite potential of the old industrial base. The unique and distinctive regional culture formed through continuous integration constitutes the profound and unique cultural heritage of Changchun City, presenting humanistic aesthetics.

The atmosphere is pounding and thin, Changchun National Expo; The space is beautified, and it is still in the art. The majestic atmosphere of the Changchun National Expo created by China Railway's "iron bone benevolence" is beautified into a wonderful and amazing aesthetic. Based on the regional characteristics and architectural attributes of the project, the designer team hopes to change the single inherent form and thinking mode of the marketing center, break the current audience's cognition of the marketing center, modern space + cross-border art, create space like a work of art, realize the wonderful collision of the art technology and fashion aesthetics, and make the architectural power of the central enterprise with steel and iron bones renewed, beautiful and amazing.

Project Name: China Railway Changchun Expo City

Project Location: Changchun, Jilin

Party A unit: China Railway

Space area: 4200㎡

Space Type: Marketing Center

Soft decoration design and realization: EASE International Space Design

Art Director: Han Ping (Maggie)

Design Director: Han Ruiqi (Ricky)

Main designer: Li Yanan, Xu Xiao

Hardcover design and photo source: J&A Jain Design

Haute couture: OFYCASA International Home


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