Chinese elegance, the beauty of the loss of years


Beams, flowers bloom in front of the court.Get a glimpse of Chinese life aesthetics in a quiet space.

This space, which emphasizes the relationship between things and time, light and air, is a simple but exquisite beauty.

This oriental aesthetic logic extends the Chinese people's feeling of life, and it is elegant and solemn without affectation or piling up.

Look out from any angle, the French window of the living room and dining room are like huge picture frames, cutting the courtyard together with the evening light and shadow into paintings and standing in front of you.The transpiration of tree shadows and hot springs blends the oriental charm into the picture.Breeze walks freely in the house, blowing away the irritability and fatigue in summer.

That rough and obscure texture and never dazzling obscure luster,The bedroom should be what it should be, and its layout should be allowed to be relaxed, but not relaxed after carving.Ancient utensils, old tea, rough earth walls ...

What we cherish is the essence revealed with the passage of time, revealing a beauty full of years.That kind of self-consistent and harmonious atmosphere is just the "oriental charm" of the space master's little life.

When we look at the old color from a positive perspective,Those colors with "wear, dim, and thin" have the "low-key, implicit, simple, concise, and free and easy temperament", and they have the beauty of Zen and lack.

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