Design content | building interior soft decoration garden construction

Design director | Chen Guangbiao deepening desig

Project location | Guangdong Huizhou longmen

Design area | 5761 ㎡ Design time

Completion Date | August 2022

Introduction / PREFACE Open to Qingxi clear eyes

Is there a moment when you want to break away from the noisy city, remove your heavy mask, and share a holiday with your lovers / children / friends. Had better have so a place, very quiet, very comfortable, only need a long corridor, a lounge chair, a boundless swimming pool, a dense hot spring pool...... Escape the city's concrete forest, feel the cleansing and tranquility in people's hearts.


Qingxi Hot Spring Hotel, located in Guangdong Province, Longmen County, is surrounded by mountains on three sides and adjacent to the Paradise Mountain in Xiangtou Mountain National Nature Reserve. The sky is clear, the clouds are sunny, clear, cheerful stream. Qingxi —— hope to bring passengers sunny, everywhere is smiling happy mood, Xixi whisper, and spend time with nature. At present, change is the new normal, and tourism is also ushering in change. In the post-epidemic era, resort hotels rising in the tuyere are continuing to promote quality upgrading. Qingxi Hot Spring Hotel from the initial conception to the design deepening is the presentation of the resort hotel to the 3.0 era. The renovation project is also a key project of the local rural revitalization.

The closest to the city, the farthest from the dust


Qingxi Hot Spring Hotel is located in Huizhou City of the Greater Bay Area, adjacent to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities. Longmen County in Huizhou is the intersection of Guangfu culture, Hakka culture and Yao culture. It is known as "Ecological Garden in the Pearl River Delta" and "oasis on the Tropic of Cancer", and is also known as "the hometown of Hot springs in China". Qingxi Hot Spring Hotel is located in the mountain and hidden in the village. Watching the sunrise and sunset, you can enjoy the stream and enjoy the pure scenery of the countryside.

The thoughtful design team makes full use of the environmental advantages, fully analyzes the opposite structure, and shapes the artistic sense of the resort hotel with the logic of the building. The main body of the building is filled with gray and white as the fundamental tone, and the earthen brick color of the local old houses is used to blend in with the scattered surrounding dwellings. The building is superimposed on the terrain, strengthening the horizontal and gentle extension sense in the three-dimensional form, and the concrete is condensed into a minimalist geometric frame of the building. Built on the mountain, the rich mountain scenery, filled with all things and deep feeling.

HUIZHOU CHINGKAI SPRING HOTEL the first layer uses transparent floor-to-ground large glass, the indoor and outdoor fusion, extend from the outside into the inside, break the three-dimensional boundary. The front hall reception area, reading area, children's game area, teahouse and other public space are maximized to strengthen the communication experience.

The outdoor courtyard landscape design is centered on stone, and the walking path extends to different corners of the hotel. At the same time, combined with the surrounding natural environment, the use of the design of landscape, to create a dialogue between the hotel and the mountains, and co-prosperity with the natural environment.

Oriental aesthetics is a kind of artistic conception


HUIZHOU CHINGKAI SPRING HOTEL the overall style reflects the artistic conception and beauty of Oriental aesthetics. In the design, rattan, bamboo, stone and log are used as elements to express the Oriental aesthetics of reality, reality, movement, firmness and softness, shape and spirit.

The hotel covers an area of 5,761 ㎡ and contains 45 guest rooms. The rooms can choose from bright Thai style and elegant natural Japanese style.


GDD design process, the design team hopes to comfort the poems of the tourists and the hearts of the distance through the Qingxi Hot Spring Hotel, and also let the residents of the Greater Bay Area feel the distant customs with the shortest distance.

You are happy so I am happy


Fast pace and busy life have become the label of urban people. How long has it been since you have a night conversation with your parents? How long has it been since you walked along the path hand in hand with your lover? How long has it been since you came to the water with your child? How long has it been since you drank together with your friends? Don't ignore the most important people around you for your life. The thoughtful design team hopes to create a natural and simple living environment for the visitors of Qingxi Hot Spring Hotel, awaken the initial simplicity and happiness, and share the happiness together with your family and friends.

Each guest room is equipped with a hot spring pool, in which you can immersive experience the charming hot spring. In the elaborate landscape, you and your family can enjoy the natural beauty while soaking in the hot spring.

The emerald green infinity pool is a gift from the design team. The infinity pool is 50 meters long and is surrounded by mountains. At sunset, you can enjoy the whole process of the setting sun gradually sinking into the mountains in the smooth mirror pool, and you can also walk on the edge of the pool with the people you like, walking in the color between the sea and the sky.

If a holiday without fireworks is incomplete, then the outdoor barbecue site at the Qingxi Hot Spring Hotel can satisfy the family to enjoy the BBQ here. Facing the mountain, the evening is covered by the sunset sun, eat a spicy barbecue, drink a cold beer, life is too comfortable.

Outside the hotel, there is a suitable camp for a family to watch the stars and enjoy the moon together, or you can also pull your friends up to the sky, the wine. You can enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery, the slow sound of the stream, the sunrise and sunset, and bring your own lawn space to let you experience the vacation, but also feel the camping atmosphere. At the same time, you can also find the happiness about childhood in the stream.

Explore the development path of beautiful countryside


CHINGKAI SPRING HOTEL it is a gift for travelers in the post-epidemic era and a new engine for the local economy. The development of tourism can reshape the appearance of rural areas, promote employment, promote income, and explore the development path of beautiful countryside. Combine with the local area, realize the synergistic superposition effect of "1 + 1> 2", promote the sharing of infrastructure and public services, and explore the road of rural revitalization with local characteristics.

GDD design team focuses on the relationship between the passengers 'emotions and the local natural environment, and reveals the humanistic care everywhere in the details, so that the passengers' hearts can be inhabited, and integrates the design of each place in a quiet way, so that the design can build a desirable and beautiful life.





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