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Lines and colors are my weapons, I am trying to use it my way, To show that what I think is the most correct, the most beautiful, the most natural, So it is everything as beautiful as all the great artists are familiar with. —— Picasso

No brilliance, no life.

When the crowded hardcover room meets the owner of taste avant-garde, change is imperative.

In the case of maintaining the original structure of the space, only to change the space temperament with soft decoration, with the emotional elements such as color and lines, fully express the owner's understanding of beauty and life, to create a beautiful dream for her.

01 Artistic perception of emotions

The attitude that black contains, the surging passion in red, white highlights the quiet and elegant...... A variety of full of emotions here collide, interweave, blend out of a unique personality.

The bookshelf stands casually in a corner of the space, looming in the metope, taking consideration to the beauty and function of the space.

Line is another important language of design. Follow its footsteps and feel the beauty of art brought by line combination and geometric blocks: delicacy and nature coexist, and sensibility and rationality are compatible. Color fills among them, bring strong visual impact and infinite reverie space to the space.

02 Light chasing the shadow warms the heart

Catch a ray of light, plating on warm tone for indoor, let gorgeous space become more dreamy, and full of quiet breath.

03 Simple and extraordinary balance of space

From colorful to pure monochromatic, the balance of space is perfectly controlled under the color conversion, and it maintains a harmonious and different attitude while seeking oneself. Different materials blend out with rich levels of changes, which makes people feel the owner's ultimate pursuit of style in the details.

The decoration of the wall expresses the soft form with the hard texture, and the slow and flowing lines and colors are full of energy, giving the static space infinite vitality, and arousing the layers of spray in the long river of life.

Project Name | Jing Ran

Project Loction|Haihe Yunting

Project Area|162㎡

Design Time|March,2022

Design Agency|Moon Design  Studio

Photographer|Chun Deng



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