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Project address: Nansha, Guangzhou

Project area: 200M².

Project type: Dieshu

Master case design :Xie Peiwei

Overall case coordinator:Xie Peiwei


This case is a brand-new blank residential project, which optimizes some common problems of the original apartment, and plans a lifestyle and environment that is more in line with the current owners' family status.

The original family living room is not large in proportion to the whole house, and the proportion is not coordinated enough. The layout of each room is not square enough, resulting in too many corners. The original bay window of the living room is removed to blend with the balcony of the living room, making the original living room larger and more coordinated. The layout of each room has been changed, making the original room more square and comfortable, and the master room and the master bathroom are open and connected, making the space more interesting.

Because the daylighting of the house is very good, our whole style is set to dark color, with appropriate brushed stainless steel embellishment to increase the sense of high-class space. The wall that enters the door uses a dark wood-facing clapboard, while the ground boldly uses dark blue-black slate as the foundation. Different from the porch, we chose a clapboard with layered lines in the living room, which makes the whole space full of details. In the overall soft-fitting matching, we choose light luxury as a collocation, and the metal of the furniture echoes the whole space.

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