Create Natural Warmth in Specialty - Hedong Branch of Tianjin Eye Hospital Optometric Center


  • Design Description:
  • Hedong store takes professional medical technology and customer service as the core, and optimizes its functions according to local conditions, fully reflecting the simplicity and comfort. It not only retains the "orbicular sky and rectangular earth" elements in the past design, but also makes a perfect expression in its own style. Divide the space reasonably, integrate the design into life, and create nature, taste and style.
  • Standing outside the door of Hedong store, the first thing you see is the colorful facade. The lighting is constantly changing, and the integration of architectural structure and lighting is used to outline the space modeling and create the space atmosphere, so that the hierarchical relationship of space and environment become more organized and produce unexpected artistic effects.
  • Entering the hall, the entrance is endowed with an immersive experience of space. From the ceiling to the back wall and the front desk, the artistic form is displayed in flowing lines, which extend to the inner corridor. Through the lines and the unique lake blue color of VI , a rich sense of hierarchy is woven, which gradually decreases from deep to shallow. The highly infectious modernist design breaks the conventional progressive spatial relationship, and outlines the most spiritual space with simple lines. The customized blue product display cabinet provides a space in the store where a large number of contact lens products and auxiliary potions can be reasonably displayed, from top to bottom, clean and tidy.
  • In the glasses sales area, there is a space-time tunnel mirror, which separates the sales area from the reception area without interference.
  • "Space-time tunnel mirror", developed and produced by HALO design team, is inspired by the infinite mirror of the 1970s. LED antique bulbs, through multiple mirror reflection effects, create a deep visual effect. It is a spectacular display of art and drama.
  • A seemingly endless reflection ray extends backward from the tunnel mirror. As they gradually disappear in the distance, they become smaller and smaller, as if they have entered another dimension. Introduce original works of art into professional space, and carve light works of art into the optometry profession, thus merging the sense of science and technology with the art.
  • In the front hall of the sales area, an original natural wooden column is connected with a circular ceiling at the top, and a square floor tile at the bottom, accompanied by pebbles, which perfectly inherits the core elements of "orbicular sky and rectangular earth". The texture of natural wood color and pebbles can ease the warmth created by burlywood, bring coolness, visual comfort and deep memory to people. The wooden column shape is linked with the white sales counter to form a staggered height and enhance spatial hierarchy. There are many custom chandeliers over the counter, which complement each other with clean and tidy commodity display and white counters.
  • There are two rows of wood grain color wall back cabinets. The wood grain of the cabinet body has been hot pressed through many processes, and the craftsmanship is exquisite with simple appearance. The combination of wood grain, glass, and metal with soft lights adds radiance to each other, bright and mild. The lightweight arc-shaped counter displays goods in multiple directions with elegance. The wooden columns and walls are displayed harmoniously with calm, rational and soft color. The unified and tidy display of glasses products bring customers visual and sensory enjoyment, comfort and nature.
  • In the VIP sales area, golden metal frames and wall cabinets are inlaid on the wood grain wall. The simple and exquisite design integrates the display, sales and publicity functions, which allows many display brands to find a comfortable demonstration space. Each exhibition area is relatively independent and integrated.
  • The visual training room is mainly designed with concise and lively way, which is transparent and professional, and interprets nature to the greatest extent. Neither excessive rendering, but also meet the use needs.
  • The second floor is the comprehensive optometry area and rest area, which is full of warmth. The open reception hall has clear functional areas and smooth moving lines, which increases the visual atmosphere and reflects the professionalism and reliability of the optometry center. The open pattern of indoor space fully considers the moving line of personnel, without embarrassment, and feels comfortable and relaxed.
  • Hedong branch of Tianjin Eye Hospital is dedicated to serving customers with professional medical technology and optimized layout and functions, which fully reflects simplicity and comfort. The combination of medicine, commerce and art creates professional, fashionable, artistic, warm and comfortable indoor space for customers.

(All the above pictures are real scene photos. The work is original with all rights reserved, and cannot be reproduced without permission)

Project Name: Create Natural Warmth in Specialty - Hedong Branch of Tianjin Eye Hospital Optometric Center

Project Location: Tianjin, China

Project Area: 282 Square Meters

Time of Completion: 2021

Project Owner: Tianjin Eye Hospital Optometric Center Co., Ltd.

Project Type: Renovation of Optometry Center

Design Scope: Space Design, Soft Decoration Design and Lighting Design

Design Organization: Chengyi (Guangzhou) Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd

Chief Creative Designer: Luoke

Detailed Design and On-site Follow-up: Fan Shujuan

Creation Team: Chengyi Design Team

Graphic Design: Liu Yifeng and Ye Yuzhen

Project Manager: Liao Caili

Lighting and Artistic Soft Decoration: Chen Liping, He Zhuolin

Product Structure: Xiao Zhukun, Huang Caoming

Production Process and Quality Control: Huang Caoming, Chen Shuyi

Installation Team: Li Junjing, Li Chaoyuan

Project Photography: Duzun Architectural Photography-Zhao Bin

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