Dalian. Upstairs for coffee. The Diamond Bay Shop


Upstairs coffee, located in Dalian Diamond Bay business district, close to the Barracuda Bay International football field, three sides to the sea, invincible sea view environment is quiet and beautiful, the owner is a business person, committed to building Dalian business coffee senior store. The overall design style is modern. Business is the main, and the color adopts the color of oak, giving people a relaxed and comfortable sense of space after the epidemic. The bar design takes "submarine" as the prototype and the change derived design scheme, highlighting the superior geographical characteristics of the coffee upstairs. The overall decoration area is divided into the coffee area. tearoom. In high-end Cantonese cuisine, the teahouse is dominated by modern and simple tea decoration style. In addition to the necessary background wall, the rest is decorated with simple latex paint, with professional lighting design, making the whole environment comfortable and harmonious. In the words of the owner, " here, you can face the sea. In the warm spring. It allows people to be quiet, comfortable and comfortable."

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