Desired French + Light Retro, All Count in the New House!


Desired French + Light Retro, All Count in the New House!

Architectural advantages:

The top floor has the advantage of daylighting, the house type is square, and the daylighting in each functional area is bright and open.


Architectural disadvantages:

House type: decorated by the previous owner, the east-west axis corridor separate the north and the south, and the independent functional areas (bedroom / kitchen / toilet partition) make the north-south ventilation not smooth.


Entry: no hallway, panoramic view without privacy protection.

Too much spare functional space: the spatial layout of three bedrooms, two halls and two bathrooms, while there is only the husband the wife and "three cats and one dog" in the owner’s family. (For example, two bathrooms and two bedrooms)


This is an era of continuous change. This is an innovation in lifestyle, which is a new generation of DINK living with three cats and one dog. From just buying necessities to buying happiness, buying the time for accompanying with your family. Of course, the home is also changing. From the migration line, open kitchen, dry and wet separation, to the integration of living room and dining hall which are used for interaction with the family, the original house of three rooms is no longer applicable. Changing from three rooms to one room not only changes the space size, but also carries our more expectations for life.

The L.D.K. space is created (integration of the living room, dining room and kitchen). The public area is fully opened. The bar is separated from the shoe cabinet to provide privacy protection. The other side of the locker is connected to the central island to form a return structure, which makes the kitchen have two entrances, forming a migratory line. According to the living habits of the owner, the open public area can have more interaction. Male and female owners can stay in the bar and table to work overtime, which is independent and also accompany each other at the same time. A small amount of movable furniture will also make the space grow with time.

Multifunctional storage system integration: bookcase, deck lockers and domestic arks. The living room is a multi-functional room with three linkage Changhong glass sliding doors, which can be opened and closed. It is used as a dining room on weekdays and can be also used for receiving guests occasionally.The area of the bedroom and bathroom has been enlarged, and the original necessary area has been adjusted to open the space. The bathroom has three separations, with the bathtub as the axis and double-entry double-opening doors creating a space sense and depth relationship of large house type in the apartment. We use a symmetrical form to create an emotional and ornamental space in a traditional bathroom.

The overall style is mainly French style mixed with other elements. Cream color and bean grey green are combined with honey-colored medieval wooden furniture, which creates a retro and warm feeling. The mirror stainless steel veneer is boldly used to wrap the immovable kitchen pipes. This strong material comparison enlarges the space in image and makes the relationship of the space more interesting. The mixture of modernity with the classics echoes with the metal pipe shaped furniture. The central air-conditioner installed on the local ceiling retains the original floor height, openness, comfortable convective air and soft decoration that can be adjusted at any time.

The ideal home in the imagination: when the sun shines all over the space, even in the scorching summer, draw the light-colored purdah of curtains, the air on the east and west sides flows freely, and the rustle from the wind and objects will not make you feel dry and hot, but add a sense of comfort. In the night and winter, it will not be cold when turn on the shell lamp and fireplace. In the company of little children, you will feel more warm and enjoy this stability and peace.

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