Aesthetics should be all-encompassing, regardless of Chinese "way of nature" or Japanese "wabi-sabi", are in respect for the years of natural flow traces, after different cultural combing, make these traces of precipitation are different, although different, each also has its own beauty. The design concept of this project is to start a new exploration in the field of design, trying to bring different fields of culture, the imprint of time precipitation, how to coexist harmoniously with the space, and show the beauty of their own humanity. For space design requirements, is to do the initial state, building space back to the source, flow should be a time of architectural space of real original appearance, only the most real state, to host the domain demand on culture and all kinds of function, space and function, display, etc., in the past, present and future, better coexistence in the interactive changes constantly.

In the design process, more exploration of time, space, application, performance and other relations, and finally can present a multi-aesthetic art space.

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