Say in front: the male owner of this case is a single travel shoot photographer, low-key love alone, like to watch movies and be in a daze. In the days without work, he often stayed at home. He said that the warmth and stability brought by the home to him were incomparable to anything, and for the beauty of the home, he would collect every corner in his heart.

1; 2 The 70-degree viewing platform creates a million-level viewing experience
2; The integration of the viewing platform and the balcony maximizes the utilization rate of light and improves the overall lighting.
3; The overall area is carefully divided according to functional areas, and the modularization of functional areas is more convenient.
4; And elegant dark green and black as the main tone, with metal decoration to create an elegant and romantic sense.
5, the connection between the living room and the bedroom deepens the sense of space, and the depth is not depressed.
6; The kitchen gives full play to the storage ability of cabinets, arranging the disorderly daily necessities orderly.
7; The dining-room used the table of woodiness to add dark aureate the lamps and lanterns that has design feeling extremely, fashionable also multiply warmth.
8; The bedroom large area uses wood products, the natural feeling of native wood grain matches the light source with warm color, enhance comfortable feeling greatly.
9; Increase the super long working area in the stair corner, make full use of the space, the small space has big emotional appeal.
10; Reasonable use of light belt, create the edge sense, make the space more three-dimensional.

For movie lovers, the living room is undoubtedly the most common place to stay out of the bedroom. Low-key color collocation, let a person seems to go home to unload the outside world of wine green light red and a busy, warm wooden background wall let the whole living room are soft up, people also relax down.

The one side of the kitchen connects life balcony, one side connects dining-room and sitting room, accomplished acme on area division, rich store content space can let you oneself all sorts of fragmentary seasoning and the tableware that like well receive rise, won't destroy the good mood that you cook because of clutter.

The lamps and lanterns that metal polyhedral shape is extremely rich design feeling is hung on table, whole dining-room is the main collocation with black and white and wooden texture, connect through shutter and shutter between the kitchen, although it is small space to give a person the feeling that shows a person fully however. Did hollow out processing on the wooden wall wall opposite the table, let whole space depth feel more intense.

When working at home, always looking forward to a long enough desk, using the space under the stairs to create their own reading office corner, from the side of the shutter on the desktop, it seems that also can bring a few different fun to reading.

The wooden background behind the bed seems to be integrated with the wooden elements of the whole bedroom. The bed surface looks like a plane growing on a tree, and lying on it is like being supported by a big tree. The warm bedside lamp and the lamp belt behind the bed seem to cure everything. Write in the end: the home is the harbor to let the wandering ship dock, a good household environment can cure the heart, let you find their own in the city that a set down the safe feeling.

Project address: Qin Xinming Di

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