Emerald Villa


"The sophistication of a home, just like the clothes we wear on our bodies

When we remove the mask of the outside world, home is the cloak of our hearts. ”

After understanding the owner's family of four's vision for the future living environment, Fu Xia, the designer of this case, injected objectively needed energy and ideal spiritual solace into their home. The designer re-planned the existing 5-storey structure and adopted the form of double empty, so that the space is clearly layered, and the main color of the space is high-grade, without too many colors and furniture details.

The flowing lamp waterfall on the restaurant table on the first floor is poetically lit from top to bottom, and it is lit up at night.

The second floor of the daughter's room is full of princess taste, which satisfies the childhood fantasy of the little girl and pours out all the love of her parents.

The master bedroom on the third floor is mainly based on pink and gray, which is warm and romantic; Dark green soft furnishings and green plants complement each other to add a touch of vitality to the space, creating a living environment rich in natural atmosphere, where life and nature are integrated, and reality and poetry coexist.

The fine and colorful light depicted by the art lacquer on the tea room wall on the first basement floor shines in an extremely microscopic form on the wall, and the seemingly non-existent light spots form a patchwork of beauty. The underground lighting well has a swimming pool that the daughters like, and the gentleness of the sunlight spilling through the glass wraps the children's hearts warmly; The hope and sense of life brought by green leaves are a vibrant childhood for children.

The leisure and entertainment sharing space on the second basement floor perfectly integrates the common needs of the family. The large bookshelf with two floors of empty stairs meets the mother's reading needs while increasing the book aroma of the space, and the sisters and sisters play the piano and dance, and the father meets guests in this space, satisfying the family's respective loves.

Teacher Fu Xia said:

Design with attitude to create a true peace of mind.

Designers need to always maintain a humble attitude and hands-on systematic design ideas to make design more time-saving and efficient.

At the same time, we face each project with the "empty cup mentality", complete the practicality and functionality of the space foundation, and give the space strong functional support and personalized unique labels.



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