Emmaline Twelve Zodiac Bird's Nest Mooncakes


Emmaline Twelve Zodiac Bird's Nest Mooncakes
1. Packaging design concept:
(1) Gift box color scheme: Using luxurious and elegant coffee as the main color scheme, elegant, noble, dignified yet elegant, possessing the magic of reproducing the golden age, perfectly interpreting the profound foundation of traditional Chinese culture, and fully showcasing the delicacy of Eastern aesthetics.

2. Inspiration for Gift Box Design: Describing the twelve zodiac animals and the essence of China's prosperous era among the gift boxes, it is a classic collection with a unique style that permeates Eastern aesthetics into every corner of the brand, symbolizing good wishes for future life and the inheritance of Chinese national essence.

3. Gift box design elements: Hand illustration craftsmanship to"
Re-embellishing" traditional culture. Each stroke and painting has been through hundreds of modifications, outlining a lifelike artwork that is unique and beautiful in both form and spirit containing the magnificent Chinese culture and extraordinary meaning.

4. Cake design concept:
Rat charm: Lucky Rat Brings Wealth, Spirit Rat Presents Luck.
Nourishing all things is a symbol of endless growth and prosperity.
Everything goes smoothly with blessings and good health, symbolizing good luck and auspiciousness.

Ox patient: Bull energy soars to the sky, turning the world around.
A symbol of diligence, simplicity, sincerity, loyalty, bravery, and unbending.
The auspicious meaning of hard work and prosperity, as well as favorable weather conditions

Tiger sensitive: Tiger brings strength, leads thousands of miles
A symbol of majesty, bravery, righteousness, and grandeur.
There is an auspicious meaning of warding off evil bringing down evil spirits and promoting health in all directions.

Rabbit articulate: Jade Rabbit Gathers Wealth, Spirit Rabbit brings good luck.
A symbol of gentleness and tranquility, purity and elegance, loyalty and kindness.
The auspicious meaning of natural transcendence and immortality.

Dragon Healthy: Dragon-Soaring in the Clouds and Sky, Grand Exhibition of the Grand Plan
A symbol of nobility, divinity, lofty aspirations, and openness.
With the auspicious meaning of punishing evil and suppressing evil, the country is peaceful and the people are safe.

Snake deep: Blessed Jade Snake, Golden Snake Dancing
Beautiful and diverse, passionate and righteous, a symbol of flexibility and adaptability.
The auspicious meaning of using softness to overcome hardness and persevering through all obstacles.

Horse popular: A successful horse, a galloping horse.
A symbol of agility and grandeur, loyalty and integrity, courage and firmness.
With the promising and prosperous spirit of moving forward, courageously and having a never-ending life

Goat Elegant: three rams bring bliss, bring peace
A symbol of warmth, kindness, harmony, purity, and nobility
The auspicious meaning of abundant years and prosperity, as well as harmony and wealth.

Monkey Clever: Marquis Seal, Spirit Monkey Presents Longevity.
A symbol of freedom, agility, intelligence, and the importance of emotions and righteousness.
With the auspicious meaning of exorcism and demon-slaying, it brings joy and a happy new year.

Rooster deep thinkers: The golden rooster crows and good luck arrive.
The golden rooster crows, are punctual and trustworthy, symbolizing peace and auspiciousness.
The auspicious meaning of having a stable home and harmonious reunion.

Dog loyalty: Loyal Dog Protects Blessings, Honest and Loyal
A symbol of intelligence, enthusiasm, courage, diligence, and trustworthiness.
There are four seasons of prosperity and peace, symbolizing auspiciousness and tranquility.

Pig chivalrous: Lucky Pig, Happiness and Peace
A symbol of low-key humility, kindness, simplicity, and peace of mind
The auspicious meaning of living and working in peace, abundant clothing and food.

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