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This case is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou City. It is positioned as a contemporary sophisticated person who loves Oriental culture. On the basis of Oriental classical beauty, it integrates a warm and calm sense, which makes people more comfortable and more fascinated. The design absorbs the Oriental and elegant implication, uses the ancient Chinese meaning and poetic rhyme, and takes a new annotation with artistic sketch, creating a clear and elegant Oriental residence model.


Enter the door, face to face solid wood partition barriers, seems to cage smoke sieve month, quiet and deep. External case, on the greeting pine, the Ming Dynasty bowl furnace, small and elegant. Left set full wall shoe ark, and put a Qing Dynasty blue and white embroidery pier in the door right, in order to provide good customers more put shoes.

living room

Beige is the sitting room of fundamental key, show more downy warm and moist feeling, with deep wood color (black acid branch) collocation shows more composed, cloud and mist are ethereal, mountain spirit water show, through the adornment of soft decoration such as hanging painting, carpet, chandelier, the space shows simple sense and rich spiritual world more. A few sides combined with the sofa cotton and linen material, soft with a strong, classical small incense burner, practical and beautiful, the background selection of artistic paint and Seiko jade collocation, coating texture sense and jade smooth and delicate contrast, do the change of more scholar temperament. Feng shui master gives the owner of two husband and wife, such as a pair of koi, one black and one red, and two people have five elements together, so this case is named after this.

A flower a world, a leaf a bodhi. It is the essence of Oriental culture to feel time and time. Arrange exquisite clever show, restore the gentle landscape.

dining room

Spring is in the air, and the red illustration is all exquisite and clever. The sense of the ritual of life and my heart comfort are the greatest respect for life and the infinite elegant realm created.


The fresh and natural between the mountains, the worldly state of mind, the attitude of a quiet corner, all spread in this antique teahouse. Piano sound winding, tea theory, a peaceful.


The study adopts semi-open layout, step up the steps, the peaceful study is stable and natural, follow the furniture of ancient rites put in order, dignified atmosphere, the ornament of Chinese painting represents reunion and joy, between the landscape of the jewelry highlights the soft line of home, interweaving a happy picture of the family together. Tie-in full wall bookcase and blue and white porcelain vase, contracted have send, have everybody style quite, delicate act the role of the role and vigorous pen front set off each other, one soft one rigid, different material and texture flow each other in the space. The precious decoration that collects, show the quiet feeling of the space and refined feeling more.

master bedroom。

Together, you come and go, is silent together, but also a state of mind struggle. The main tone that chooses light apricot color and gray collocation in advocate lie color, yellow serves as an ornament, with solid wood (black acid branch) the union of, composed and quiet. Beautiful wall lamp and window screen, more show space simple sense and simple and elegant. The inspiration and charm of Oriental beauty, the attitude towards life is not only enthusiasm but also respect.


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