Fangcun Mountain and River


Chasing the grand dawn of Colorado Grand Canyon,


He also once wore the brilliance that attracted the attention of all under the spotlight,


I have had the deepest communication with the world,


Decent is to experience every aspect of life,


All hot and affectionate love will live up to the time,


The pattern is full of impenetrable human spring and autumn.


Sex loves to indulge in mountains and rivers,


Kongshan New Tea,


Knock chess pieces and laugh at flying flowers,


Invite friends to have a drink in the secluded environment,


It is a belief not to drift with the tide.


Sleeping on the moon, wind and rain,


The evening dew dipped in clothes,


One meal, one conversation and five tastes of the world,


Love is heroism in ordinary life.


Hidden in the market,


It is a wise philosophy of being independent;


Ideal destination,


It is the art of life,


Art life.


The extraordinary bearing polished by years is the combination of time, place and people.


The burning passion is hot and innocent, and the safety of spring breeze is simple, which can help people to get together and achieve freedom.


Gather all the inspirations with style, and use them for ritual catalysis to celebrate every ordinary day.


The flowers are beautiful and the wine is full of happiness. It is the casual and natural elegance.


Invite every kind of natural gift with great kindness to gather fireworks in the morning and evening into a poem.


Classical aesthetics and modern flexibility are just like the integration of oriental culture, which can accommodate all rivers.


The sky is happy with poetry. When you are at leisure, you can meet bosom friends. You can express your feelings here.


Every inch of elegance comes from the tempering of time; Each exquisite place is the beautiful flower language of the longest love.

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