Fantastic world


Project name: DuNiuniu World 10:30 New Media office space

Project area: 1,2000

Design note: As Google realized early, The office is essential to promoting innovation and cooperation, slogan is: Fun is the first productivity, The office space is located in Wuhan century-old factory Wuhan Cultural Relics Protection Unit (one of the earliest cotton packing factories in the Hankou Concession), Living in this century-old building after the vicissitudes of life, Brought fresh vitality and creativity to the park, We want to design through the space, Make it into the world of fantasy to open the door of creativity, In this space, Turn fun into productivity. This case is from 4.5 meters high warehouse converted into an office, the main materials are steel structure, steel plate, wood, cement leveling, in the expression of hard materials with the original untreated steel plate, rust in the mark of time, in the interesting, unrestrained, and absurd contemporary installation works in sharp contrast, hope to feel the time flow in the fingertips, past-present-future, into the fantasy world.

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