Fengsheng Derun Community 113m ² House type


Project theme:Take plain as elegant

Project name: Fengsheng Derun Community 113m ² House type

Interior design: MF Shen Yanfang Design Office

Main project designer: Gong Yongming

Designer: Shen Yanfang

Participated in the design: Shen Yanfang 、 Jiang Hengheng

Project nature: residential

Location: Changsha, Hunan, China


"Take plain as elegant"

Employer's Requirements:

Like butter log style

Permanent population: three people in a family plus one cat

There are many things. I hope there will be more storage space

Want to make a porch warehouse at the entrance

I hope there will be a Lego exhibition area, a piano area and a sideboard

The owners like projection, and the elderly like watching TV, so they need to reserve a TV slot in advance

Want to use a smaller secondary bedroom as the cloakroom+study+office game area



The moving line between the cloakroom and the current master bedroom is too far. Through communication with the owner, it is suggested that the master bedroom and the secondary bedroom should be exchanged, and the master bedroom, bathroom and cloakroom should be connected to improve the comfort of the bedroom.

The small room is used as the cloakroom+study, matching as much storage space as possible, and the main bedroom corridor area is added with a secondary clothing area.

The two curved surfaces are ingeniously used to maximize the utilization of space. One curved surface solves the belonging position of the restaurant, and also acts as a big doorway. The curved surface is used as the supply of the storage sideboard under the bar counter; Another curved surface solves the piano position, and also has the storage room and small hall that the owner has always wanted.


Idea description:

Once, Zixia asked Confucius: "The sweet and delicate smile is so pleasant, and the beautiful and flexible eyes are so bright. You said that simple and elegant is the most gorgeous? Why is it beautiful and moving?"

Confucius replied, "Draw a picture and then be plain." His meaning is very clear. You must first have "plain" (white silk), and then you can apply colorful "painting" (painting).

The element is the basis of all colors, and also the harmony of all colors, just like the day contains the improvement

The plain wall is like a white silk; The penetration of log color makes the whole space full of temperature, and the owner's preference is matched with colorful colors.

Curved wall, ingeniously use every inch of space to make the originally limited space full of infinite possibilities.

The elevated treatment adds a sense of fun to the space, reading a book, drinking a cup of coffee and looking out of the window in leisure time; Life is so pleasant.

The beginning of all things is simple; It is elegant to be plain, which makes people relax and sleep more easily.

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