Find the secret of flowing water between the stars and time


Choose "water" as the core, extract its metaphysical "meaning" that resonates with intuition, let the space have both flowing and quiet natural power, perceive self insignificance, and unconsciously slow down the heart.

From the first floor to the second floor, from the reception lobby to the water bar and book bar, from the art hall to the sand table area, corrugated stainless steel runs through the whole situation, just like walking between lakes and seas, sparkling and swaying.

Artistic conception: an artistic realm in which subjective feelings and objective scenery are integrated; Future: a psychedelic and futuristic sense of the combination of reality and reality; Inspiration: a sudden state of unconsciousness.

Under the transparent French windows, the beautiful scenery of the lake and sea is reflected indoors with the sun. The natural background changes day and night. Through the artistic appeal of architecture, under the pressure of heavy life, urban people retain their enthusiasm and reverie for life.

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