Forest Poem Center of SHENYA Group(SHANGHAI)


In the old courtyard building in the small forest, the m design team sorted out the reasonable moving line and light and shadow relationship, slowly showing the forest dream life full of team

The clever use of the mirror material, the virtual beam structure, the top surface of the "fish group" art installation group through the mirror reflection, visual penetration through the mirror connected. Large-format Mosaic forest map,

Introduce the metaphor of the case name Shen lin (forest language)."See the deer when the tree is deep." When the electric mosaic door opens, it is like a forest curtain pulled, and the hidden VIP room appears.

Full glass material new reception area, connecting two separate buildings. This luminous "forest fantasy house" under the starry sky, transparent glass brick, magic glass combined with the top surface bubble shape

Hanging ornaments, showing the colorful scene of colorful animals and plants, which is full of vitality, natural force dream picture in real life

Especially precious. The wall is replaced by a large area of bay Windows, and a large amount of natural light is introduced into the interior. visually, the interior and the courtyard seem to be connected, breaking the indoor and outdoor boundaries.

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