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“Stripping away the extravagance, indifference, conceit and clutter of the surface to seek a simple, pure and peaceful way of getting along. Removing unnecessary things and redundant wall components to make there have fewer internal objects, its own light, quality and emotion will make the architectural space more meaningful and valuable.”

The owner is a couple of straightforward young generations born in the 90s. The male owner operates on the Internet and loves off-roading and modification, especially he is a heavy collector of Marvel models and the female owner is the head of e-commerce, she loves collecting limited edition shoes and can accept new things and lifestyle. The use of space in the villa has become sufficient, which means that in daily life the residents are faced with the lack of communication and the alienation of emotional distance. In planning, we established an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the house, combined with their exclusive personality, life preferences and use functions, to reshape the space where the two owners can live, study and play together.

Let the light confess the world. We expand the important space and use more light to penetrate and influence each other, so that the space has its own rhythm and texture, and the artistic metal sculptures give the space a unique temperament.

The floor slab above the entrance door on the first floor was demolished and converted into a transparent glass floor, which can allow the light from the study windows on the second floor to pass through the glass and spill into the originally dim area on the first floor. Therefore, the dialogue between the two spaces was born.

The living room uses transparent design of up and down and wall-removing processing techniques to make the space appear empty but not wide. It is rendered with clean natural light and colorful artificial light, when people standing in this space, they can feel the unprecedented peace and tension.

The open kitchen and dining room share a large space. The U-shaped moving line surrounds the island and the long table, which has not only preserves the artistic temperament also retains the full scent of fireworks. And the special customized chandeliers continue the dining and kitchen spaces.                

The calm wall and floor material of the public bathroom on the first floor is matched with green, which is gorgeous and naughty.

Let the light change the world. At the entrance of the study room on the second floor, the cherry-red lamp shadows against the wall and the artistic sofa, "hidden beauty" is its temperament. You think it’s over, but it’s just beginning

Cool multifunctional study room with Cyberpunk-style, this space is absolutely unique in the world. Cherry rose is the owner’s favorite color. We believe that the ambient color is not necessarily white when looking at the computer. A good light source may open up your mind and increase creativity and work efficiency.

In order to make the atmosphere of the study room change with the owner’s mood, we specially customized the lighting of the collection cabinet

The study room on the second floor is the place where the owners basically stay the most every day. In order to let them enjoy a better life experience, we abandon the traditional serious and rigid study room and build a suite with four functions, taking into account the work computer, leisure area, limited shoe collection room, water bar, etc. The ground material cleverly connects to the top, allowing light to flow freely in parallel lines of sight.

Through the glass floor next to the study room to see the restaurant, kitchen and entrance area downstairs, it has a penetrating visual effect, and also increases the possibility and fun of communication.

The exquisite small water bar can satisfy all the non-dinner meals of the owner, and the toilet is placed in a hidden corner.

The stair adopts the simplest method to combine glass and concrete, making the original flat staircase shape more pure. The customized balance pendant on the top of the third floor breaks the square volume of the space and uses another method to transmit light.             

The original attic floor slab above the three-story master bedroom was removed, changing the bedroom from a depressed single-story into an interesting architectural empty space, and the light from the small skylight of the attic was then softly spilled into the room.

The original bedroom was dimly lit. We removed the wall directly opposite the bed end of the bedroom into an extra-wide doorway, equipped with two extra-wide electric sliding doors that can be hidden in the wall at ordinary times. When the double doors are opened, the interior is connected to the exterior to bring in fresh light and air, we can see the across small and exquisite roof garden from bed without any obstructions.

The cloakroom is designed with two-channel back-to-back glass wardrobes in two lines to ensure the smooth flow of lines and light from the bedroom, cloakroom and bathroom.

The main bathroom uses a rare freestanding U-shaped glass shower room, which is clever and does not occupy visual space. The top surface of the shower area and the bathtub area adopts colored gradient glass roof, inspired by the designer seeing the sun at sunset, and fixed the beautiful colors on the top, hoping that the owner can get rid of the boredom and enjoy the most beautiful color change in the sky in the bathroom.

The first floor of the basement uses a straight penetrating technique to pierce the patio leisure area, audio-visual entertainment room, model display area, game room and fitness area on a horizontal line, achieving a visual extension effect and continuing the natural light of the patio on both sides of the north and south.

The entire model wall is the private possession of the male owner, and it is a symbol of perseverance.

The second floor of the basement is for the entrance of the garage. In addition to the basic storage of shoes and clothes, we designed a metal suspension with lights to hold the owner’s various equipment in order to make the owner’s equipment storage more ceremonial, the hanging cabinets and the floating step also relieves the original cramped feeling of the space.    







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