Gallery Suites


Gallery Suites (凯文公寓) is situated on Hengshan Road, known as "the most beautiful plane tree-lined street in Shanghai." Established in 1933, it is a classic building with over a century of history designed by Gonghe Foreign Firm, and once served as the residence of a Russian princess. As a typical Art Deco-style building, the dark red brick facade contrasts sharply with the overall light yellow paint. I have preserved the classic design of the exterior and the details of the public spaces. The staircase forms a neat rectangle, with a black front and a milky white back, creating a feeling of traversing two eras when looking up or down. At the stair landing, the original window grille design is preserved, allowing soft sunlight to shine through the classical windows, softening the austere feel of the staircase while showcasing the beauty of its geometry.


I have focused more on the reconstruction of the interior space design for the apartment hotel, blending modern fashion and practical functionality to create an integrated, open, and international lifestyle. The collision of old and new, the fusion of classic and fashionable, and the mix of local and international styles are all present in the design. The architecture aims to bring guests closer to this modern metropolis, helping them understand, appreciate, and fall in love with the city.


The interior space features distinct angles and soft curves, creating a poetic interplay of layers and lines under the reflection of light and shadow, void and solid. The bedroom design primarily expresses the inhabitant's mood and sentiment, with arrangements that feel like a warm and healing living ritual. Elegance is conveyed through a soft white primary color, with accents of mint green, creating a poetic layout. The comfortable atmosphere of the resting space is highlighted by the harmonious relationship between art and spatial design, offering a novel aesthetic perspective and enhancing the depth of life experience.


The pursuit of luxury runs throughout the apartment's design, with gold accents and ink elements contributing to a unique sense of sophistication. The use of mirrored perspectives presents a sense of spaciousness and grandeur, while the rounded corners of mirrors and spherical wall lamps create a gentle and tranquil atmosphere, blending the essence of life and layers of poetic space. The kitchen corner masterfully captures a sense of depth, with matching spherical chandeliers suspended from the ceiling, taking luxury to the extreme. Delicate details blend the modern and tranquil aesthetics, highlighting the bright and serene atmosphere. Under the dim lights, friends can share a drink, savor the bittersweet taste of life, and engage in conversations about life, dreams, art, and self, ultimately achieving the poetic ambiance of the entire space.



Throughout Gallery Suites, the seamless integration of various design elements, the emphasis on comfort and functionality, and the thoughtful consideration of the inhabitants' needs and desires make it an ideal urban retreat. This space not only provides a luxurious living experience but also inspires guests to explore and appreciate the beauty of the city and the richness of its history, art, and culture.

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