Gediao Chuqing


Project Name:Gediao Chuqing


Project Location: Meijiang, Tianjin, China


Project Owner:Artist


Design Team: Lead Designer:Hu Mei Zhi , Lighting Designer: Zhang Lei, Soft Furnishing Designer: XiaHong Qing, Product Designer: Wang Yanfei, Construction Drawing Specialist: Wang Xiaoxuan, Rendering Specialist: Gao Sizhe, Project Manager: Niu Zongzhen


Designing a model house is like directing a play, setting up a stage for the imagined owner, making the audience want to become the protagonist and realize their dream of becoming the protagonist.


This case is designed for new urban women. The target of consumption is the urban fashion women who were born in the 1980s and live in Diwang Building and Honggui Road. She is young, proud and reserved, self-appreciative and loves the stage, pursues the avant-garde personality while enjoying life.


  1. The zoning is obviously suitable for both movement and movement, and the design basically maintains the "8-character" structure of the original house type. Guest dining room, room for the straight line type structure, in the local adjustment. The living room is permeated on both sides and the recessed wall adjacent to the kitchen is removed. Make more rich spatial level. Master bedroom, the main bathroom area is changed more, the original left door structure changed into a middle axis symmetrical structure.


  1. Color, with its classic color system. Wood, white, black and gold intersperse. It presents a rich expression of interior space, the collision of fashion and classic, the structure of Wenmai and humanity, all of which give additional elements to the interior space.


  1. Physically. The "Hui" font structure echoes up and down, enriching the rigidity of the original space structure. The "U" wall shape makes the space more straight and straight, and the door of the concave and light groove in the living room. It enriches the spatial hierarchy. Levels and progressive levels, more with the concept of traditional courtyard palace.

With the passage of time, what is still retained between the stealthily changing years is the respect and inheritance of the traditional Chinese culture by the elegant people. In the simple and atmospheric space, wooden furniture seems to give off the taste of nature; Comfortable large bed, elegant tables and chairs, well-made fruit bowl, decorated with bonsai...... Correct and steady, mature and elegant, fine product every small detail, and can be carved from the flowers, birds, fish and insects, experience a calm and elegant, self-cultivation attitude to life. Just as every successful person has had a wonderful struggle, there is also a wonderful story behind a small decoration, a bottle of wine, honorary trophies and even purple clay tea set in the living room of the family, or often evoke the host's memory of the past, or ignite a variety of yearning for the future. Living in the bustling metropolis, luxury is never valuable red sandalwood furniture, but calm and quiet mind; A home is never a magnificent decoration, but a relaxing warmth. Big hidden in the city, near the sea, leisure only a cup of tea, a good book, a bright style of official hat chair, is a private enjoy slow life. Moving to the balcony, leaning against the railing overlooking, the French window to see endless along the mountains, the vast sea, and a little bit of the setting sun with residual temperature. This is what the design wants to bring us -- not symbols, nor imitation, but tailored for each owner, 20 years old to keep up with the rhythm of the avant-garde, 30 years old to fight and cheer, 40 years old for the soul to find a reliable harbor, between the sea and the sky, between the landscape, in the room, experience the beautiful realm of the unity of heaven and man.

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