Green resonance, wanton breathing


Project name: Green resonance, wanton breathing


Designer: Taizhou Lingjie Interior Construction Co., Ltd


Host Designer: Chen Lingjie


Participated in the design: Zheng Yin


Project area: 95 ㎡


Main materials: cement, ocean board, stainless steel, emulsion paint


Project location: Taizhou Linhai Commercial Street


Completion time: 2022.7


Photographer: HANMOVISION


Project Design Description:


With a healthy exercise style and new activity scenarios, WONDER · FIT is a fitness platform that has been dedicated to providing attitudinal life players with a whole-hearted immersion, conveying our philosophy of loving life and living a healthy life. We indulge in a remodeling of the "internal organs" of the body, evoking vitality through flowing "blood" and obtaining a "life" sublimation from the inside out. The design of WONDER · FIT Commercial Street Store uses green light to create an atmosphere, creating repetitive, extended, and breathable surfaces from different block surfaces, creating a balance and coordination of spatial colors. Through the division of these lights into space, it gives spatial texture, which visually impacts fitness enthusiasts, resonates with the body and space, and obtains a rhythm that exercises the soul. The structural form is a spatial attitude, and various forms of interpenetration, truncation, splicing, and combination express a variety of spatial personalities, which is the precise positioning of "internal organs of the body" and also the design language for maintaining "internal organs of the body". The spatial structure is intuitive and has connotations, and contains ideas that can reflect the combined beauty of static space and dynamic space penetration. The material is the key of WONDER · FIT design, which enriches the space and defines the character collision of the space. It is a combination of structured lines and blocks, and it is an intangible enhancement of the spatial texture. The breathing space, in which Qi originates from light, is still in the circulation of blood, and the "sound" is constantly generated. Tired by the dark surge and thin sweat volatilization, the dust heart is baptized, and the vitality, exuberance, and tenacity are the rhymes of space existence. Silence is better than sound. The white light box, as a logo that echoes the functional guidance within the space, is a corner of order and structure, allowing gentle light to guide the route and turn the gaze. The pursuit of green light and white light bands is harmonious and unified, maintaining the integrity of the space and acting as a skeleton supporting the space in the dark. Green light, lively and mysterious, is a tribute to the twilight, a perceptual expression of "life", and a perfect fusion of the levels, elements, and qualities of rational space. At this point, emotional sustenance in space will ultimately receive feedback through design.

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