GuangFo New World Private Residence Of Foshan.


Project address: No.333, Golf Road, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

Designer: Lin Huacheng

Design area: 680 ㎡

Decorative style: a modern Zen style

Main materials: stainless steel, wood veneer, wall cloth, craft glass, stone, etc

Design notes: This scheme is a private four-storey private villa, the design is mainly modern, and the furnishings are Zen aesthetics throughout the process. Through the interpretation of art and the collision of materials, it creates a modern Zen comfortable home. Clever use of black and white gray adjustment to divide the space, the facade large area of white to give people infinite imagination, interspersed with warm gray wood veneer, make the whole space warm and full of charm. Comfortable space and Zen life, when people place themselves in the space, naturally give out the inner poetic perception of life.

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