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Preface: Light luxury and modernity, pleasure and elegance, this is the image feature of MORDIN Hotel! And luxury, comfort, sophisticated, and elegance are the orientation of MORDIN Hotel's longing for a better living quality of life!


The designer takes the idea of ingenious design and innovation. Incorporating the technological and cultural connotation of Knowledge City, focusing on hotel etiquette image, art space, comfortable environment, intelligent assembly, quality details, creating a beautiful and modern high-end business hotel space, bringing joy and luxury to visitors!


The lobby is the soul of hotel design. This design is intended to create a theme environment of "the artistic conception of the mountain of books, the cradle of knowledge". Show the different hotel lobby space in the form of a book bar to meet the cultural and social needs of the knowledge city's high-end talents for academic exchanges, business reception, and chat about poetry and books.


Entering the lobby, what shines is a high-end library space! The tall and exquisite bookshelves and the unique and beautiful gray-green lacquered large screens and steel mesh screens are the highlights of the hotel! It is equipped with high-grade gray marble, artistic glass wall, bronze steel mesh wall lamp, and bronze decorative lines to form an organic combination of points, lines and surfaces. The contrast between the real and the virtual, the thickness is orderly, the elegant style, the innovative craftsmanship, and the fashionable features show the luxury and modern hotel style.


Facing the lobby is a large-scale artistic glass-themed relief, which uses the imprint of the "Knowledge of the Future City" as its entry point, which runs through the entire hotel lobby and the important space of each guest room.


It is the IP image (original work) of MORDIN Hotel, which is inspired by the "Future City" plan of Zhongxin Knowledge City. The iconic knowledge tower elements are extracted from it, through the texture glass and code font mosaic form, and organically sorted into a new abstract urban architectural scene, cleverly combined into a blueprint for the future knowledge city.


Just like the Tower of Chen, Sea City, it expresses the future urban sky boundary and development height of Guangzhou Sino-Singapore Knowledge City, and reflects that the Knowledge City is superimposed by thousands of big data of information flow, which shows its fast development speed!


Lobby reception reception, Is a key experience point for hotel guests to check in, The etiquette, service, quality and image of the reception can not be ignored, In this case, three reception tables were set up according to the standard of quasi-five stars, Form a catering type layout, Its background is to " the book mountain has a way, Knowledge Ocean " as the theme, Disrefined the elements of books, Decdeconstruct and reorganize the books, An organic order of 12,500 pieces of overturned glass, Color jumps, Yellow, orange and brown lines combined into a rhythm of the mountains, To express, " the good hospitality, The feelings of knowing books ", Reflects the knowledge city gathering talents and wisdom, The idea of innovation and technology.


Lobby bar is a special coffee bar for guests to have a rest, wait, contact and chat.The towering bookshelves standing in the lobby bar, the layered lighting layout, and so on, step by step, to create a book bar-style lobby cafe.A cup of coffee, a book, the overall control, design, layout and create a unique atmosphere, to bring guests beautiful enjoyment, create a pleasant, relaxed pleasure.


The elevator hall uses the fragments of oracle bone elements, reorganized for lighting to create a visual effect of virtual and real light and shadow, to convey a kind of knowledge is power, is a highlight of the elevator hall.


The unique shape of lamps and lanterns breaks the overall square constraint of the elevator hall. The car uses a large area of bright color leather, which highlights the light luxury and modern design concept.

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