Guorui · Pleasant Sea Villa


The single-family villa in this case is dependent on the beautiful seascape of Coconut City, and the project owner will use this as a new residence to settle down in the future, enjoy the artistic conception of life without any constraint, and enjoy life back to nature.


Without accurate customer positioning, there is no lean design.

-- Good house design


Returning the perspective to life, the designer strictly follows the two dimensions of "health and beauty" in the design concept of Good House, the five systems of "understanding weather, breathing, storage, sleep and life", and the four senses of "ceremony, quality, pleasure, luxury, and comfort". Through the systematic complete, comprehensive, and practical design scheme, the perfect landing of the whole project is promoted. For the owners to create a healthy, home to the art of The Times, with the design to achieve the yearning for a better life.

From the interior to the courtyard, the designer regards the whole villa as a living entity, and carries out comprehensive and detailed in-depth thinking and elaborate design of the villa space, to build a good humanistic house that understands the weather and can breathe, and realize the connection with a better life for the owner.

Introducing the concept of smart life as the core of serving the needs of living, the design will be "constant temperature, constant humidity, constant static, constant oxygen, constant clean" five constant HVAC system into the house, superimposed the whole house system of water purification system to form the pure quality of the villa, creating a breathable and transparent living environment.

In the concept of "good house design", a good house does not need to do useless piles, not blindly luxurious, but to the needs of the owner as the starting point of the design, to build a beautiful, easy, healthy, and beautiful house, to luxury the rich and comfortable life, and let the body and mind of the resident find a good home.

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